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Blog 92 (11/20/05 - 12/03/05)
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Saturday 3rd December 2005
Movin' Out logo Kasim in Movin' Out
10.30 - There are some good seats still available for Kasim's final 3 appearances in Movin' Out at The Richard Rogers Theatre on Broadway. For both appearances on Wednesday 7th seats are available in Row D of the Front Mezzanine section of the theater (the best place to see Kasim and the rest of the band). For Kasim's final appearance on Thursday seats are available in Row E of the front mezzanine.
Seats in this section are $110 (plus taxes) and Kasim is visible during the whole of the musical.
Kasim Sulton

Kasim at Toys In The Park
06.45 - Several fans have wondered who the "with friends" part of "Kasim Sulton with friends" on the poster for Toys In The Park are. Apparently Kasim will also be playing with one or more of the other bands that are playing at the event.
So far the other bands listed are Mistreater and Mr Nice Guy.

Friday 2nd December 2005
Kasim at Jones Beach
11.00 - The Gigs section of the website has been updated with some comments by both Kasim and some fans about the Meat Loaf Hair Of The Dog concert which Kasim Sulton played at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY on 25th August (or click here for the direct link).
Kasim in Movin' Out
Movin' Out logo 02.00 - Kasim Sulton will be spending the evening of his 50th birthday (next Thursday) playing his 85th and final performance in Movin' Out at The Richard Rogers Theatre on Broadway. Kasim will also be playing the musical for both performances next Wednesday. Kasim will be playing guitar and singing background vocals in all these performances. The musical closes on 11th December.
Kasim and The New Cars
01.45 - It's not been confirmed but there have been a couple of posts by fans to say that The New Cars are rumored to be touring with Blondie for part of the tour in 2006.

Thursday 1st December 2005
Kasim solo on Liars DVD
18.45 - There have been posts on various mailing lists by fans saying how much they've enjoyed Kasim's performance of This Must Be Love on The Liars DVD which was released this week. Kasim performed the song at the Todd Rundgren Japanese Fan Club Party in Tokyo last year and it may have been the only time he sang it with the line "Mushi, Mushi" in it! (All Japanese say that when they answer their phones.) Photos of that evening can be viewed here.
Kasim and The New Cars
10.30 - Over the past week Kasim has been mentioned in the same article (virtually word for word) on a few websites in relation to the reports of him playing as part of The New Cars.
For example The Chicago Sun-Times has an article which reports Todd Rundgren fronting the band and includes the paragraph "The retooled lineup will include Kasim Sulton filling in on bass and ex-Tubes drummer Prairie Prince replacing original drummer David Robinson, who has quit the music business.".
Kasim at Toys In The Park
09.30 - Kasim Sulton will be making an appearance on Sunday 18th December at Toys In The Park at the amphitheater at Miami Bayfront Park in Miami, FL. Click here for a poster about the event. More exact details about Kasim's appearance will be posted nearer to the event. Proceeds from this go to Better Way Of Miami.
Many thanks to Kasim for this info.
09.15 - Apologies for no updates for over a week but this was due to a major computer problem. I was installing some new software and it corrupted Windows so I had to have the machine totally reformated and Windows reinstalled. Unfortunately there was a problem with that installation as I could get on the Internet (and my ISP could see the connection) but I couldn't access any websites or download any e-mail! My computer guy reinstalled Windows again but that still didn't solve the problem so eventually he tried a different version of Windows which worked but not all the settings are 100% correct yet which is very frustrating!
I now have to reinstall all the info that was wiped from the computer. Unfortunately it does mean that I've lost a lot of people's e-mails so if you're someone that I keep in touch with, please e-mail!

Kasim Sulton

Tuesday 22nd November 2005
Kasim mentioned in Boston Herald
07.45 - Kasim Sulton receives a mention in an article on about The New Cars. The article is by Brett Milano (who wrote the liner notes on Oblivion, POV and Some Trivia) and is called "With Rundgren in driverís seat, New Cars rev up for 2006 tour".
The first few paragraphs of the article are:
"Boston legends The Cars are finally back together.
Sort of.
After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that the band is prepping for a tour next summer. But it wonít include Ric Ocasek, Cars founder, co-lead singer and main songwriter. His place will be taken by veteran rocker Todd Rundgren.
Only two genuine Cars, guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist Greg Hawkes, are involved in the reunion, which will be billed as The New Cars. (Original Cars singer/bassist Ben Orr died in 2000; drummer David Robinson has retired).
Rounding out the new lineup are two of Rundgrenís longtime collaborators: Singer/bassist Kasim Sulton and ex-Tubes drummer Prairie Prince.
" "
Utopia Sweatshirt / T-shirt
Kasim Sulton 03.00 - are currently selling T-shirts and sweatshirts from "Utopia University"! They are not official merchandise but they list Kasim's name on them.

(There's also a couple of photos of Kasim with people wearing T-shirts on the page linked above.)

Monday 21st November 2005
Liars DVD on TV
18.00 - Apparently The Liars DVD (which is released on 29th November) is available to view on On Demand. Many thanks to the kind person who sent me this info.
Kasim in Vienna, VA
02.00 - The Gigs section of the website has been updated with some comments by fans about the Meat Loaf Hair Of The Dog concert which Kasim Sulton played in Vienna, VA on 22nd August (or click here for the direct link).
Review of Scandal Gig
01.45 - There's a good review of the gig that Kasim Sulton played as part of Patty Smyth and Scandal in Sayreville, NJ on 4th February this year on the messageboard attached to One good comment is "The playing was, for the most part, tight and Sultonís vocal accompaniment of the Don Henley harmony on the Patty Smyth hit "Sometimes Love Just Ainít Enough" was purely breathtaking."!

Sunday 20th November 2005
Kasim in Movin' Out
14.30 - Currently there are some great seats available for all four of Kasim's appearances in Movin' Out this week. The best place in the theater to see Kasim is in the Front Mezzanine and seats are available in the following rows in that section for each of his performances:
Wednesday 23rd matinee - Row D
Friday 25th matinee - Row F
Saturday 26th matinee - Row F
Saturday 26th evening - Row C
The New Cars
13.00 - The first news item on today is about The New Cars. The main points the article makes are:
"Cars principals Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes are teaming with veteran singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren in a new incarnation of pioneering new wave rock act The Cars, which will tour and possibly record an album next year."
" has learned that The New Cars are eyeing a 2006 tour with another legendary new wave rock outfit, but no details have yet been announced."
Kasim in Movin' Out
08.00 - Kasim will be playing the following performances of Movin' Out at The Richard Rogers Theatre on Broadway:
Wednesday 23rd - matinee (guitar)
Friday 25th - matinee (guitar)
Saturday 26th - matinee (bass)
Saturday 26th - evening (bass)
This musical closes on 11th December so these are some of the final chances to see Kasim play in the musical.
Moogy apologies to Kasim
07.45 - On there are two messages from Moogy Klingman (former keyboardist of Utopia before Kasim Sulton joined the band). I didn't previously repeat his first message here but part of his second one says:
"I got kind of over excited when I read no more Utopia ever from Todd and I did say some things in the wrong way. Two things first -
First thing - I certainly do owe an apology to Kasim. He's a good guy and we've recently done shows together in the Utopian spirit. When I said that Todd and Kasim were disrespecting themselves and their fans by shelving the Utopia reunion permanently, I made a big mistake. Kasim, as he has told me on many occasions, would love to do a Utopia reunion (with or without me). It has nothing to do with Kasim because it's Todd's decision. Kasim sang and wrote Utopia's biggest hit, "Set Me Free" and he'd love to get back to that music, if only for one tour.
Kasim, please accept my apology.

Kasim Sulton album
Photo by Jo Milos

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