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Blog 91 (11/08/05 - 11/19/05)
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Saturday 19th November 2005
11.00 - The News and the Discography sections of the website have been brought up to date.
Kasim and The New Cars
09.45 - According to a post in this thread Prairie Prince told some fans that there will be Utopia songs included in the set list on The New Cars Tour!
Kasim on new compilation album
Kasim Sulton album 05.30 - Kasim Sulton appears on two tracks on a new compilation album which has been released in the UK. The album is a box set called "The Very Best Of Power Ballads and was released on 7th November.

Kasim plays bass and sings background vocals on the track I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) (Disc 1) and he plays bass on the track Bat Out Of Hell (Disc 3). Both tracks are by Meat Loaf. (The album also features Drive by The Cars which lots of fans believe that Kasim will sing lead vocals on in The New Cars.)

The album can be purchased from here for £12.99 (plus shipping) and from here for $28.99 (plus shipping) as an import.

The track listing is:

Disc 1
1. Queen - We Are The Champions
2. Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is
3. Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
4. Whitesnake - Is This Love
5. The Scorpions - Wind Of Change
6. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes - Up Where We Belong
7. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
8. Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
9. Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
10. Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
11. REO Speedwagon - Canít Fight This Feeling
12. Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)
13. Heart - Alone
14. Alice Cooper - Poison
15. Marillion - Kayleigh
16. Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
17. Maria McKee - Show Me Heaven

Disc 2

1. Robbie Williams - Angels
2. The Cars - Drive
3. The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
4. Air Supply - All Out Of Love
5. Chicago - Hard To Say Iím Sorry
6. Roxette - Listen To Your Heart
7. Boston - More Than A Feeling
8. R.E.M - The One I Love
9. Nickelback - How You Remind Me
10. The Rolling Stones - Streets Of Love
11. The Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun
12. Nilsson - Without You
13. Sinťad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U
14. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love
15. Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
16. Nazareth - Love Hurts
17. Pandoraís Box - It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Disc 3

1. Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero
2. Europe - The Final Countdown
3. Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
4. Billy Idol - White Wedding - Part 1
5. Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love
6. Belinda Carlisle - Leave A Light On
7. Paul Carrack - Don't Shed A Tear
8. Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
10. 4 Non Blondes - Whatís Up
11. Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott - Hero
12. TíPau - China In Your Hand
13. Stevie Nicks - Rooms On Fire
14. John Waite - Missing You
15. Mike And The Mechanics - Over My Shoulder
16. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell

This album is released on Virgin TV and its catalogue number is VTDCD756. Unfortunately lots of the tracks on this album also appear on the album Power Ballads Volume III which was released in November last year.

Currently there are advertisements for this album on British television which includes some of Kasim's bass playing on Bat Out Of Hell!

Friday 18th November 2005
Review of Liars DVD
17.00 - Kasim receives a brief mention on in a good review of The Liars DVD (which is released on 29th November). In case it disappears at some point the Kasim mention is "The band, featuring long-time collaborator Kasim Sulton on bass and Prairie Prince on drums, were fully up to the challenge of what is - musically - an incredibly demanding album".
Kasim's Gig at The Tin Angel
01.30 - now lists Kasim Sulton's gig at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA on 3rd February!

Thursday 17th November 2005
Kasim in Lima, Ohio
16.30 - The Gigs section of the website has been updated with some comments by fans about the Meat Loaf Hair Of The Dog concert which Kasim Sulton played in Lima, Ohio on 20th August (or click here for the direct link).
Kasim on E-Bay
Kasim Sulton 01.30 - Kasim Sulton's (autographed) acoustic Washburn guitar, one of his vests, a signed magazine advertisement and a letter from him verifying these items have been relisted on here. The opening price is again $999.99. Currently no bids have been placed and the auction ends next Thursday. (The guitar and vest were used on the Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell 2 Tour in 1994 and originally all of these items were donated as a prize in a competition in a guitar magazine.)
For a fan with slightly less money one of Kasim's guitar pics are currently listed on here. The opening price is $5 and there are no bids to date. This auction ends on Monday.
Kasim in Movin' Out
01.15 - As Kasim Sulton is currently in Los Angeles recording Bat Out Of Hell III, he will not be appearing in any performances of Movin' Out this week.
Movin' Out ad

Kasim Sulton
Part of a press release for the Utopia album

Wednesday 16th November 2005
Videos Of The Week
17.30 - This week it's a couple of "pot luck" videos! I have a collection of about 200 videoclips of Kasim Sulton singing and some of them on the server I haven't watched yet to find out which songs they are. This week the Videos Of The Week are two of these! All I do know is that they were taped when Kasim appeared at The House Of Guitars in Rochester, NY on 24th August 2001. The link is on the front page of
Kasim and The New Cars
12.30 - Todd Rundgren has posted a message on (click here to read it and scroll down a page) confirming that The New Cars Tour will be going ahead next year (including Kasim). He also says that the Utopia Reunion Tour is not happening in 2006. He concludes with the sentence "Me and Kas and Prairie and Elliot and Greg will be playing parts of the country we'd never get to otherwise, and hope to see you all there when we do.".
Kasim on E-Bay
Kasim Sulton 08.00 - The auction for a Kasim Sulton's (autographed) acoustic Washburn guitar, one of his vests, a signed magazine advertisement and a letter from him verifying these items, came to a close on Friday with no bids being placed. The opening price was $999.99.
The guitar and vest were used on the Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell 2 Tour in 1994 and originally all of these items were donated as a prize in a competition in a guitar magazine.
Kasim and The New Cars
02.15 - In an article called "The New Cars Roll Off the Assembley Line" Kasim Sulton's original announcement was reported on yesterday. As well as repeating a lot of Kasim's e-mail, the article says:
"The full line-up is: Todd Rundgren vocals, guitar; Kasim Sulton bass, vocals; Elliot Easton guitar, vocals; Greg Hawkes keyboards, vocals; Prairie Prince drums.
That's quite a line-up by anyone's admission. Yes, I'll definitely look forward to new material from these guys, but I'm still not sold on their choice of name. At least they aren't trying to use the original Cars name. Perhaps I could suggest Second Hand Cars as an alternative?

Tuesday 15th November 2005
Kasim's Gig at The Tin Angel
18.45 - Glen Burtnik's official website now lists Kasim Sulton's gig at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA on 3rd February. It is described as "Glen Burtnik / Kasim Sulton (co-bill)".
Kasim and The New Cars
12.30 - Earlier today Kasim Sulton sent the following message to his mailing list:
It seems I made a premature announcement in my recent newsletter...
The fact is, there are currently no definite plans for The New Cars to be touring next year.
We did record some new material, but beyond that, things are still being worked out.
I apologize for any confusion my misstatement caused.

Kasim on New Todd Rundgren Album Released Today
Kasim Sulton album 02.00 - The new Todd Rundgren CD Best of Todd Rundgren - Live is released today in the US (it is released in Europe on 21st November). The CD is released on Castle Music and contains the following tracks:
01. Real Man (4:49)
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan during the Nearly Human Tour (1990)
02. Love Of The Common Man (5:36)
Recorded at the Riviera Theatre, Chicago (1991)
03. I Saw The Light (3:29)
Recorded in Dallas during the A Capella Tour (1985) - Kasim Sulton sings background vocals on this track
04. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (4:19)
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan during a tour by Utopia (1979) - Kasim Sulton plays bass and sings background vocals on this track
05. Soul Brother (4:46)
Recorded in Albany, New York during The Liars Tour (2004) - Kasim Sulton plays bass and sings background vocals on this track
06. Love In Action (3:58)
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan during the Nearly Human Tour (1990)
07. Can't Stop Running (5:45)
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan during the Nearly Human Tour (1990)
08. Can We Still Be Friends (3:46)
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan during the Nearly Human Tour (1990)
09. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (5:12)
Recorded in Albany, New York during The Liars Tour (2004) - Kasim Sulton plays bass and sings background vocals on this track
10. Something To Fall Back On (3:40)
Recorded at the Riviera Theatre, Chicago (1991)
11. Rock Love (5:40)
Recorded at the Riviera Theatre, Chicago (1991)
12. Hello, It's Me (6:24)
13. Love Is The Answer (4:12)
Recorded in Dallas during the A Capella Tour (1985) - Kasim Sulton sings background vocals on this track
NoblePR has a press release about this album here which has an interesting explaination by Todd Rundgren about why he chose these tracks. Kasim receives a mention in the description of Love In Action. In case it disappears at some point it says:
"One of the memorable things about it (that unfortunately you can't appreciate on the record) was the high kicks that everyone would do during the solo part. The last time we did that Kaz stepped on his foot the wrong way and broke his ankle, so there is a little bit of danger associated with that tune, particularly if you're going to do the high kicksÖand the fans know what I'm talking about!" (The accident actually occured during Couldn't I Just Tell You!)
Kasim co-wrote the track Rock Love on this album. are selling this album for $13.98 (plus shipping) here and are selling the album for $13 (plus shipping) here.

Monday 14th November 2005
Kasim and The New Cars
18.00 - As stated below, Kasim's message today has generated a massive number of posts on various mailing lists and messageboards amongst fans of all the different artists involved (unfortunately the majority has not been positive). Below is a (large!) selection of comments from fans:

Kasim Sulton fans:
"I wish he wasn't working in Todd's shadow again."
"Can't wait to hear Kasim singing lead on Drive!"
"Glad he's taking a break from Meat Loaf."

Todd Rundgren fans:
"I've said this many times: Todd has the divine right to do whatever he wants both musically and to pay the bills. He owes us nothing.That being said, while I find the prospect mildly interesting, I can't help being disapppointed with this announcement."
"I'm happy as a clam. Will be saving vacation time and money for the tour."
"They should have just gotten toegther to make new music. On the tour, they could have played Todd, Utopia and The Cars tunes, along with the new tunes. It seems to me that would have generated a larger audience. But "The New Cars" just seems....stupid. Of course, I'll be there when they play in our area, but I still think it is odd."
"Certainly the touring band will be tight, just not sure what kind of music we can expect. My guess is power pop. If it can sustain itself, and allow TR to actually work in a band setting again, I am for it."
"Thank goodness the news is finally out! I was bursting out at the seams trying to keep this one a secret! I knew about it awhile back but was swore to secrecy. It's gonna be an awesome tour...going all over the world including New Zealand! All the players actually had to audition for the gig and thank goodness Kasim and Prarie made the cut!"
"I should think there would be quite a bit of financial backing for the project, that would be nice for them! I just still hold hope there might be a coupla weeks free they could do the Utopia tour too!"
"I think there can be no question that this is a money-driven thing. Similarly, as Todd is in the music BUSINESS, I don't have a problem with it."
"The Cars always were bigger than TR and Utopia. I wonder how The Cars fans will take that. Not sure they will immediately accept such a new line up. It sounds like a real new challenge for Todd! Although, I can't help finding it really really weird."
"It seems to me any tour under The Cars name would be predominantly, if not entirely, Cars hits. They had a whole lot of'em. How could any TR fan be excited about OH fronting a cover (or tribute?) band?"
"Well I am all for the lineup, the tour, and new material. I know many see this as an easy cash cow, but I disagree. It is not necessarily an easy sell. And the old Cars fans - generally not too much younger than TR / Utopia fans - are not about to pack the stadiums, even WITH Ric Ocasek at the helm. As always, it will come down to the material. If they have the goods, they'll get some airplay and some notice, and who knows, maybe even have a hit again. I do not see TR doing this unless it were to be fun for him. And as long as he is having fun, most of us will be too. "
"Let's hope that the new music gets some promotion instead of pure nostalgia being the motivating factor for the public."
"If Todd was forming a new band with Kasim, Prairie, Elliot Easton & Greg Hawkes, that would be very interesting. His first "real" band since Utopia... really, everyone he's played with since were basically sidemen. These guys would be more equals rather than sidemen, it would be more of a team effort. That would be cool. This "New Cars" thing, however, is NOT that, at least as it's presented now. This is Todd (and Kasim) joining someone else's band as replacements, and that means Todd & Kas have less standing in the group than the original members. I find it hard to imagine Todd being comfortable with that for long, even if it's just a "money gig"."
"I am slightly sceptical too but will reserve judgement til it happens and can see/hear for myself."
"I think a band with Todd, Kaz, Prairie, plus Easton and Hawkes should be called The New Utopia."
"I'm really looking forward to the new material. I'm not expecting it to sound like The Cars, though. I mean, Todd and Kasim singing in a band together? Kinda sounds like an old favorite of mine... rumored to tour in '06...! Still, I can't help knowing how frustrated I would feel if they played all Cars stuff and only a couple TR or Utopia tunes live. Kind of like going to see McCartney play Badfinger tunes."
"Hard to imagine Todd singing Ocasek style-- Todd's such a better singer. Even more so, Todd would be the Rhythm guitarist-- Elliot Easton was The Cars' lead player and still is a great guitarist-- and Todd has always been out front as the Lead Guitar God. All across the board, this feels like a demotion for Todd."
"WOW, I know our hero love$ to tour,but now it i$ $afe to $say he love$ money more than hi$ mu$ic. I for one am not excited by thi$, and doubt thi$ will be a long tour, be$ide$ what about The Car$ fan$, will they buy thi$ crap???????"
"I would like this a lot more if this was a "new" group called something other than The Cars. (ie. The Autos, or the CarVets...or as someone else posted Autopia.)"
"With Todd, Kas and Prairie, this would seem to be more of a Todd-based tour than Cars-based ..."
"I can't see why this project will see them out on the road for all of next year, no doubt the tour will venture out of the states which would add on at least a couple of months. Might be good if this tour gets Todd to places he hasn't visited for along time (or at all) like Australia for instance. I'm waiting for Todd to sell the idea, I'm not currently convinced this is a good move and would prefer to see a follow up cd to Liars which I thought we was getting next year."
"Would any of you be excited about "Ric Ocasek's Utopia"?"

The Cars fans:
"I don't really know what to make of this. Somebody has to stop them. You'd think Ric wouldn't be too happy that they're using HIS lyrics, HIS music, and The Cars' band name. Heh, the best we can do is wait it out and see how much damage is done."
"Kasim is a great guy and stellar musician. The show w/Todd Rundgren recently was one of the best I've ever seen (and yes I've been a huge fan of The Cars as well), and I've seen plenty in the last over 20 years. I'm sure Ric has to give his blessing for all this to occur, and I don't think Todd would do it without that (I could be wrong, of course). Of course you can never recreate The Cars, but give this a chance before you judge it. "

Meat Loaf fans:
"If Kasim tours with The Cars all next year, does that mean he won't be on the Bat3 Tour?"

Kasim's own music
Kasim Sulton 16.45 - With all the talk on the Internet about Kasim and The New Cars, one thing that has been overlooked a lot is the following comment by Kasim in his message:
"I've managed to make some pretty good progress on a bunch of new songs. Last time I was in London I had mentioned on my blog that I was working with Phil Thornalley and I'll be putting up a clip of it on over the next few days, please check back soon"!
(There's already a "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING... Check back for details" message on the website.)
Kasim and The New Cars
12.30 - had the following message yesterday as the first item on their Blog:
"11/12/05 - It has now been confirmed. Todd will join members of "The Cars" for a tour. No dates have been announced. Strong rumours indicate that Kasim Sulton and Prairie Prince will join the tour."
Today the message is "Well, if we weren't sure before, we are now!". They also link to Kasim's message so for anyone not on Kasim's mailing list, it can be read here. have now added some of The Cars' albums to their merchandise list here!
Kasim and The New Cars
05.00 - Kasim Sulton has sent a message to his mailing list confirming that he will be playing with Todd Rundgren and Priarie Price in the reformed band The Cars who will record (a new CD and DVD) and tour most of next year under the new name The New Cars!
Half Twisted Tour DVD
02.00 - (the 3rd item down on the page) are selling a DVD of the Todd Rundgren Half Twisted Tour which Kasim Sulton played from June to 1999. This DVD is of the concert that was played on 27th June 1999 in Cleveland, Ohio and features all of the second set (the tikki set) of the evening. This DVD was shot using a tripod and apparently Kasim is shown during at least 90% of the time! The price is $16 (plus shipping).

Sunday 13th November 2005
16.30 - Earlier items from this Blog page have been moved to a new page to help this page load faster. The link to the new page is at the bottom of this page.
Also the News section of has been updated about Kasim's appearance in Movin' Out yesterday.
Audio interview with Kasim from 2002
13.00 - Roger D. Linder has added an interview he conducted with Kasim Sulton via the telephone in 2002 at ToddFestWest to here. The interview took place on Saturday 27th July 2002 when Kasim was in Ireland for the Meat Loaf and Friends Just Havin' Fun Tour and was just before Quid Pro Quo was released.
One quote is "I get home off of this six week circus, I put my bags down, see my family off to their cruise vacation that I can not go to because I have too much work to do at home and then I immediately fly to the West Coast!"
Kasim in Boston, MA
09.45 - The Gigs section of the website has been updated with some comments (both by fans and by Kasim Sulton) about the Meat Loaf Hair Of The Dog concert which Kasim Sulton played in Boston, MA on 17th August (or click here for the direct link).
Kasim's Sulton's Gig at The Tin Angel
05.30 - Tickets are now on sale at for Kasim Sulton's gig at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA on Friday 3rd February. The direct link to purchase tickets is here. This is a 21 years plus only show. TicketWeb describe the gig as "Kasim Sulton & Glen Burtnik co-bill".

Kasim Sulton
Poster from Cleveland concert on 8th September 2005
(Many thanks to Lou for this poster)

Saturday 12th November 2005 - Kasim plays both the matinee and evening performances of Movin' Out on Broadway today
Kasim and The Cars????
08.30 - It doesn't mention Kasim but from
Todd Rundgren & Elliot Easton confirmed for new version of The Cars.
The rumors are true, and The Cars will ride again. Todd Rundgren and The Cars lead guitarist Elliot Easton have joined together in a new lineup of the band, and they've already started working on new material together. If all goes well, the plan is to release a new greatest-hits album with some new songs next year, and then to tour, but no dates have been announced. The rest of the band hasn't been set, and it's not known whether The Cars drummer David Robinson and keyboardist Gregg Hawkes will take part.
Cars singer-guitarist Ric Ocasek has already told us that he's not interested in a reunion, but he won't stop his former bandmates from playing.
Singer-bassist Benjamin Orr died of cancer in October 2000.
Kasim in NYC
06.15 - The Gigs section of the website has been updated with some comments by Kasim Sulton plus links to other websites with photos of the Meat Loaf Hair Of The Dog concert which Kasim Sulton played at The Beacon Theatre in New York City on 9th August (or click here for the direct link). This page also includes a batch of photos of the concert.

Friday 11th November 2005
Kasim and The Cars????
16.15 - According to a post on the messageboard attached to, Prairie Prince is quoted as saying recently that he "will be touring with Todd after this, [The Tubes Wild West Tour] in a band including Kasim and 2 of the guys from The Cars".
Photos of Kasim in Atlantic City
09.15 - Another great batch of photos of Kasim Sulton at the Meat Loaf concert in Atlantic City, NJ on Friday 23rd September has been added to the Photos section (or click here for the direct link.
Many thanks to Gary "Goat" Goveia for sending all these photos and to the photographer for snapping them.
Kasim's Sulton's Gig at The Tin Angel
02.00 - Kasim Sulton's gig at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA on Friday 3rd February is now listed on The Tin Angel's website. The gig is listed as "Singer / songwriter co-bill with Kasim Sulton, Glen Burtnik".
Kasim in NYC
01.45 - The Gigs section of the website has been updated with some links to other websites with photos of the Meat Loaf Hair Of The Dog concert which Kasim Sulton played at The Beacon Theatre in New York City on 7th August (or click here for the direct link).

Thursday 10th November 2005
Kasim helps high school produce a musical
17.15 - According to an article in the Wausau Daily Herald today Kasim helped a school obtain permission to use some Meat Loaf / Jim Steinman songs in their musical, Rock "n" Roll Dreams. The whole article is available at the link above but the part which relates to Kasim is:
"Acquiring the rights to Meat Loaf's songs is a story in itself.
While performing in his own band, Niskanen became acquainted with Kasim Sulton, who has played bass guitar with a string of A-list rock stars that includes Joan Jett, Cheap Trick and Todd Rundgren. He also is Meat Loaf's musical director.
Last spring, Niskanen e-mailed Sulton with his idea for the play and asked the rocker to help him secure the rights to perform Meat Loaf's songs.
"He took the idea into a meeting the following week with Meat Loaf and Meat Loaf's songwriter-partner, Jim Steinman," Niskanen said. "They both loved it."
From there, Niskanen and his students were off and running.
Many thanks to Debbie for this link.
Kasim in Movin' Out
15.15 - Kasim will be playing both performances of Movin' Out at The Richard Rogers Theatre in New York City on Saturday. He will be playing guitar and singing background vocals. These will be his 77th and 78th appearances in the musical.
Currently there are tickets in Row D of the Front Mezzanine (the best place in the theater to see Kasim and the rest of the band) for the 2.00pm show and in Row C of the Front Mezzanine for the evening performance. Tickets are $100 (plus charges).
Kasim and The Cars????
02.00 - Apparently a Milwaukee booking agent confirmed that Todd Rundgren will be touring as part of The Cars next year. Apparently the agent also said "Todd will be working with a different manager [than Eric Gardner]) with rehearsals beginning soon and we hope to get them at one of our venues". (It was Eric Gardner who orginally denied that Todd was part of this project.)
A post by another fan also said that Todd touring as part of The Cars was mentioned on a radio station in the Los Angeles area recently.
It has not be officially confirmed but most fans seem to think that Kasim Sulton will be part of this project too. Many thanks to Jeff "Weavil" Gauss for this info. "
Kasim on E-Bay
1.30 - The E-Bay auction for a vinyl copy of Kasim came to a close on Monday with no bids being placed. This item has been relisted here - the opening price is still $6.57 but this time it is a "Buy It Now" only auction.
The auction for a copy of Lights On came to a close on Sunday with no bids being placed.
In the auction for an old style Kasim guitar pic (with Meat Loaf's name on the reverse) which came to a close on Sunday, the winning bid was a staggering $16.64!

Wednesday 9th November 2005
Video Of The Week
17.30 - The Video Of The Week section of (on the front page of the site) has been updated. There are two videos this week, both of Kasim singing Set Me Free at The Point in Bryn Mawr in May 2001. Most fans who attended this gig agree that this was one of Kasim's best shows of his 2001 Solo Acoustic Tour. Kasim played two sets at this venue that night and these clips are from his first set.
15.00 - The earlier items from this Blog section of the website have been moved to a new page to help this one load faster. The link is at the bottom of this page.
Kasim and The Liars DVD
02.30 - have added a press release about the European version of Todd Rundgren Liars Live DVD with several photos of Kasim Sulton. This DVD is released in Europe on Monday 30th January 2006.
The banner (shown below) also features Kasim:
Liars DVD

Kasim and Bat Out Of Hell III
02.15 - According to the post that Kasim Sulton made on Monday 17th October in his online journal, today is the day that he starts recording his part of the Meat Loaf album Bat Out Of Hell III (with songs by Jim Steinman). Kasim is known to be playing bass and singing background vocals on this album.
A recent report on one music industry messageboard says that Meat Loaf has been signed to TVT Records and that the first release on that album will be an unplugged album! Many thanks to the kind person who sent me this link.

Tuesday 8th November 2005
Kasim Sulton Gig!
12.45 - Kasim Sulton will be co-headlining a gig with Glen Burtnik on Friday 3rd February at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA! The address of the venue is:
Tin Angel
20 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tickets are available at the box office and will be available at soon.
Tickets are just $16 and the gig starts at 7.30pm.
More details to follow soon....
Kasim's 25th wedding anniversary
02.00 - Congratulations to Kasim and Laurie for their 25th (silver) wedding anniversary today!
This is how their marriage was reported in the March 1981 edition of the Utopia Network:

Kasim Sulton

The words of The One Sure Thing seem very appropiate today:
If I told you Iíve been thinking that sometimes I just want to fade away
Would you worry for a minute and tell me there are times you feel the same
Would you smile and reach for my hand, put your arms around me whispering, ďthis will passĒ
When I wish that I was stronger will you say that Iím as strong as any man?
When Iím filled with indecision will you help me just to choose as best I can?
If Iím lost with nowhere to go, crippled and convinced I am all alone
Thatís when you say, ďIíll be your everything, I will be your heart and soul
Iíll be The One Sure Thing in a world thatís grown so coldĒ
Yes, itís cold

When youíre running out of purpose nothing ever seems to go as planned
When you feel youíve reached your limit and all you want to do is understand
Iíll be there to offer you light, tell you everythingís going to be all right
Thatís when I say, ďIíll be your everything, I will be your heart and soul
Iíll be The One Sure Thing in a world thatís grown so coldĒ

If you told me you were thinking that sometimes you just want to fade away
Well, I might worry for a minute and tell you there are times I feel the same
Iíll be your everything I will be your heart and soul
Iíll be The One Sure Thing in a world thatís grown so cold
Iíll be your everything, I will be your heart and soul
Iíll be The One Sure Thing you can count on when youíre old
When youíre old

(In case you haven't seen it, the front page of this website has a festival feel to it today too!)

Kasim Sulton in Westbury (Photo by Gary Goveia)

Blog 90 (10/23/05 - 11/07/05)

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