David Tennant on Radio Two

Saturday 11th April 2009

With Catherine Tate, John Barrowman and The Proclaimers

On Saturday 11th April David Tennant introduced the Jonathan Ross Show on BBC2 with Catherine Tate. John Barrowman and Paul Merton were the guests and The Proclaimers played three songs (Burn Your Playhouse Down, Role Model and Sunshine on Leith) live in the studio.

Below are clips of the introductions to the songs and the chat (but not The Proclaimers playing as the songs are subject to copyright).


Contact details and upcoming guests

DT and CT's least favourite interview questions and the tracks on JB's album

Talking to The Proclaimers (broken rib)

Talking to The Proclaimers (US acoustic tour)

Competition and chocolate

Talking to Paul Merton (his silent comedy tour)

Talking to Paul Merton (Have I Got News For You)

Twitter / Planet Of The Dead / plukes / Bernard Cribbins

Talking to The Proclaimers (Bernard Cribbins and Anything Goes)

Talking to The Proclaimers (their worst question asked in an interview)

Quiz prizes / the two questions that DT keeps being asked

Talking to the quiz contestants

The quiz

Talking to The Proclaimers (about JB and the keys they sing in)

A brief talk to The Proclaimers

A Twitter from Jonathan Ross

Talking to John Barrowman (Tonight's The Night)

Talking to John Barrowman (About being gay)

Talking to John Barrowman (About Torchwood)

The whole show will be available on iPlayer for a week too.

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