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December 2009
Lizo Mzimba tweeted at about 10am this morning that he had just conducted David Tennant's final interview as The Doctor. Broadcast details will be given later. Updated 31/12
The Press Association have an article about David Tennant's final episode of Doctor Who from his interview on Breakfast TV this morning. A video of the interview is at this link. Updated 31/12
Video of David Tennant on GMTV from this morning. Updated 31/12
David Tennant was on BBC Breakfast for about 10 minutes this morning from 8.35am mainly talking about Doctor Who. Hope to post the video soon! Updated 31/12
Click here for a video of David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner on The Big Questions Part Two. Updated 30/12
The website DavidTennantFan.com has over 400 screengrabs from David Tennant's TV appearances on Doctor Who Confidential and Bedtime Stories this week. Updated 30/12
The End Of Time received an Appreciation Index of 87 according to the News page of GallifreyBase.com. Updated 29/12
Click here to view a video from BBCAmerica about The End Of Time Part One with interviews of Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, David Tennant and John Simm. Updated 29/12
The BBC Doctor Who website has added today two new wallpapers of David Tennant from The End Of Time Part Two. Updated 29/12

Doctor Who was voted the third most popular show of the Noughties on Channel 4 last night & David Tennant was interviewed during the programme. See here for more details. Updated 28/12
The website DavidTennantFan.com has over 700 screengrabs from David Tennant's TV appearances on Doctor Who, Hamlet and QI this week. Updated 27/12
The BBC Doctor Who website has been updated with a video of Big Questions with David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Click here to access it (look under videos link) but it contains spoilers for The End Of Time Part One. Updated 26/12
GallifreyBase.com report that the Doctor Who episode The End Of Time Part One was the third most watched show of the day yesterday with 10 million viewers according to overnight figures. The episode has its premiere on BBC America tonight. Click here for more info about the ratings. Updated 26/12
Click here for a video of David Tennant talking about Doctor Who Magazine and being in comic strips. This video was originally posted by the US part of the MTV website but this version can be viewed worldwide. Updated 25/12
Due to the ratings success of The Waters of Mars, BBC America is broadcasting nothing but Doctor Who for the first 46 hours of 2010! Virtually all of David Tennant's episodes will be shown starting with the Christmas Invasion at midnight on New Year's Day and ending with The End of Time Part Two at 9pm on 2nd January. Updated 25/12
Point Radio have an audio interview with David Tennant which was recorded in the Summer at TCA. Updated 24/12
The BBC website has some lovely comments about David Tennant by Doctor Who actress Tracy Ifeachor online here. Updated 24/12
Alan Sepinwall interviewed David Tennant (mainly about Doctor Who) in July just after ComicCon and has added his interview to NJ.com here. Updated 24/12
The Radio Times are producing a 164 page Doctor Who Special Magazine covering Russell T Davies and David Tennant's era of the programme. Click here for ordering info. Updated 24/12
The Daily Record today has an interview with Bernard Cribbins where he talks about working with David Tennant on Doctor Who. Updated 24/12
The Waters Of Mars airing last weekend gave BBCAmerica their highest ratings primetime ratings ever. Updated 22/12
According to an item by the Press Association, visitors to GoCompare.com have voted David Tennant as the greatest Time Lord of all time. Updated 22/12
A.V. Club have posted a review of Waters Of Mars (online here) with the quote "I canít say enough about how great David Tennant is in this episode." Updated 21/12
The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar today is a video of David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner talking about Christmas. Updated 21/12
Doctor Who won the Reader's Choice category for Best Overseas Drama in the Sydney Morning Herald Couch Potato Awards 2009. Updated 21/12
The Mirror have posted a new End Of Time video feature online here but be warned that it contains spoilers. Updated 21/12
BBC America aired a quick look at Waters Of Mars after its initial screening last night on American television. Click here to view the video. It includes new David Tennant and Russell T Davis interview video clips. Updated 20/12
The Independent has an article called "How David Tennant's Time Lord saved Auntie" today which is about the success of Doctor Who. It can be read online here. (For non-UKers Auntie is a colloquial name for the BBC.) Updated 20/12
hamsterfur on LJ has posted scans of the Daily Mirror Tenth Doctor Magazine (issued today) and the article about David Tennant and Doctor Who in the Time Out magazine here. Updated 19/12
The BBC have posted an extract from Who On Who (which is David Tennant interviewing Russell T Davies online here. The full show airs on Tuesday 29th December at 5pm on Radio 2. Updated 18/12
On the BBC 6 O'Clock news tonight there was an item about David Tennant leaving Doctor Who. Click here to see a video of the item. Updated 17/12
The BBC website have added a David Tennant video interview by Lizo Mzimba about his final days as the Doctor. The video was recorded back in May on the Doctor Who set. This is in advance of the Press Launch for The End Of Time when the Christmas Day episode will be shown to the press tonight, followed by a Q&A with Russell T Davies (David Tennant is still filming in Los Angeles). Updated 17/12
GallifreyBase.com report that last night's Doctor Who episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks received their highest ratings since Nov 2007 with 2.9 million (according to the overnight figures). Updated 17/12
Newsbeat have an interview with David Tennant mainly about St Trinians 2 but they also mention Doctor Who. Updated 17/12
BlogtorWho have posted a new clip from The End Of Time (it contains spoilers). Updated 15/12

The BBC have posted two Christmas messages videos from David Tennant as the Doctor - here and here. Updated 12/12
The BBC have posted a 3 video preview clips of the Doctor Who episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks onto YouTube.com here, here and here. Updated 11/12
There's a new funny clip of The End Of Time from an interview with June Whitfield on Breakfast television this morning. (No spoilers.) Updated 11/12
The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar for today has a clip of David Tennant and The Proclaimers. Updated 11/12
Doctor Who Magazine writer Benjamin Cook has posted two audio clips from his interview with David Tennant about his Doctor Who final episodes. The clips are here and here. Updated 10/12
GallifreyBase report that two viewing parties for fans have been arranged for David Tennant's final episode of Doctor Who. One is in Manchester and the other is in London. The official Press Launch is expected to be next week. Updated 10/12
Doctor Who Magazine #416 is published today and it has a photo of David Tennant on the front cover. This issue is the biggest-ever edition and costs £4.99 (usual price £3.99). GallifreyBase call DWM 416 "a David Tennant Special." Click here for more info. Updated 10/12
Click here to see a clip of David Tennant's Video Diaries from the Doctor Who Box Specials DVD which is released on 11th January 2010. Updated 8/12
Combom has a new (fun) clip of David Tennant from The End Of Time which was shown on Loose Women this morning. Updated 7/12
The Press Association use quotes from David Tennant's Radio Times interview to say there there will be "no Doctor Who movie." This slant was also taken by The Daily Mirror. Updated 7/12
GallifreyBase.com have a summary of the main Doctor Who related programmes over Christmas. It includes non-David Tennant ones too. Updated 6/12
hamsterfur on LiveJournal has posted scans from the David Tennant sections of the Radio Times which contain spoilers. There are photos of him in Doctor Who and Hamlet and an interview. Updated 5/12
There's a photo of David Tennant as the Doctor on the front of the Christmas edition of TV & Satellite Week. Updated 5/12
The BBC website has the covers of all ten versions of the Doctor Who issue of Time Out online here. Click here to view the David Tennant issue. Published on Tuesday 8th December. Updated 5/12
David Tennant is on the cover of Doctor Who Magazine #416 which is published on Thursday 10th December. Updated 5/12
The BBC issued a new trailer for The End Of Time. Click here for the version viewable outside the UK. Updated 5/12
The Christmas issue of the Radio Times will have 2 different covers. One is a Doctor Who themed cover (but not with a photo of David Tennant). The Guardian has copies of both versions. Updated 4/12
The BBC will be showing a Doctor Who Ident over the Christmas period which feature David Tennant. It can be viewed at this link. Updated 3/12
BBC America in the US will also be showing 2 hour long programmes called Inside Look about David Tennant's era of Doctor Who on 20th and 27th December. Updated 3/12
Time Out will be issuing a Doctor Who Special for the week commencing Thursday 10th December. It features 10 different covers - one of each of the ten Doctors. Updated 2/12

November 2009
The Royal Mint are issuing a series of Doctor Who coins including one of David Tennant. The coins can be purchased (by people in the UK only) from this link. Updated 30/11
David Tennant appears on the cover of the Radio Times for the week 5th to 11th December with the header "Death of a Doctor". This issue is available from Saturday 28th November.
Photo of cover. Updated 25/11
Waters of Mars received over 9 million viewers according to the overnight figures. Also Doctor Who became the top trending topic on Twitter after broadcast. Updated 18/11
Waters of Mars is broadcast at 7pm on BBC, followed by Doctor Who Confidential at 8pm on BBC3. Updated 15/11 David Tennant's episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures received the highest AI scores on those days on all 4 main national TV channels! (Link to article) Updated 2/11
On the Jo Whiley Show on Radio 1 there was a brief interview with David Tennant from the Waters Of Mars Press Launch on Friday 30th October. Click here to hear it. David will be on the Road Trip section of her show during the weekend of 15th November too. Updated 1/11
October 2009
David Tennant was also interviewed for the BBC website at the press launch this morning (30/10) - link to video of interview. Plus he spoke to Newsround about playing The Doctor link to interview. Updated 30/10
David Tennant was interviewed on GMTV on 30/10/09 (link to video of interview) and on Radio 5 Live today (link to MP3 of interview) to launch the start of publicity for Waters Of Mars which airs on BBC1 on Sunday 15th November at 7pm. The press launch was also today. Updated 30/10
Den Of Geek have some photos of the David Tennant episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures online here. The episodes are being screened on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October. Updated 23/10
ContactMusic have an article to say that David Tennant was he most popular Doctor according to Doctor Who Magazine online here. Updated 23/10
An extended trailer of The Sarah Jane Adventures (including showing clips of David Tennant) has been posted online here. Updated 13/10
September 2009 and earlier
Digital Spy posted photos of the David Tennant episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures online here and an interview with Elizabeth Sladen about David's time on the set here. Updated 28/9
Doctor Who Magazine #413 was published on Thursday 17th September and gave the information that that the David Tennant episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures will air on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October. Updated 20/9
A 19 minute interview with David Tennant and Russell T Davies from TCA from BoingBoingVideo was uploaded to YouTube where they talk about the final episodes of Doctor Who.
Lots of press today are reporting Dreamland. For example The Telegraph, CBBC and The Mirror.
Later this year there will be a new Doctor Who story to watch on the Red Button. It's an animated adventure called Dreamland and will star David Tennant as the Doctor. The official BBC website has a Blog regarding its prgress at this link.
For those outside the UK, Doctor Who's Greatest Moments has been uploaded to YouTube starting at this link. Updated 21/8
A new 3 part documentary called Doctor Who's Greatest Moments will be aired on Thursdays 20th and 27th August and 3rd September on BBC3. A preview has been uploaded to the BBC website here.
The third Doctor Who Special (due for broadcast around Christmas) has been named as Nightmares Reign. Updated 7/8
The Doctor Who movie rumours are covered in the Rumours section.
As David Tennant mentioned the possibility of a 10th Doctor return for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013, this story has been picked up by a couple of British newspapers such as the Daily Mirror and The Telegraph. David's exact words were "It's the 50th anniversary in 2013, isn't it? I dunno... That's not me making an announcement. There's no plan. Don't Twitter that! That's not a thing! Yet!".
A detailed interview from ComicCon about David Tennant's final filming on Doctor Who was posted by ignTV.com here.
A video snapped at ComicCon of The End Of Time trailer is available at YouTube.com here. Please note this trailer is not officially released and contains SPOILERS.
The latest Waters Of Mars trailer is available at the BBC Doctor Who website here.
Before David Tennant left Cardiff, he filmed a Sarah Jane Adventure two-parter (as the Doctor) which is expected to be aired in September.
David Tennant's final two episodes of Doctor Who will be aired around Christmas / New Year. These episodes are likely to be screened in the US soon after their UK premiere. One of them appears to be called (currently) The End Of Time.
There are three more episodes of Doctor Who to be screened. Waters Of Mars will be screened (probably) sometime in November and trailers of the episode are available online here.
David Tennant completed filming Doctor Who on Wednesday 20th May.

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