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December 2009
Lizo Mzimba tweeted at about 10am this morning that he had just conducted David Tennant's final interview as The Doctor. Broadcast details will be given later. Updated 31/12
The Press Association have an article about David Tennant's final episode of Doctor Who from his interview on Breakfast TV this morning. A video of the interview is at this link. Updated 31/12
Conservative MP Nigel Evans gets in on the "Is David Tennant on TV too much?" debate according to an article on UnrealityPrimetime.com. Updated 30/12
An article in the Daily Mail says that David Tennant is on 75 TV shows over Christmas (although it's actually 137). Updated 30/12
An article in Chicago Now (mainly using old quotes) says Hamlet will premeiere on PBS in America on Wednesday 28th April. Updated 29/12
The Telegraph have an article about David Tennant and how to pronounce 2010. This was taken from the radio programme on Saturday when he and Catherine Tate co-hosted the Jonathan Ross Show on Radio Two. Updated 28/12
Meanwhile STV focuses on all the Scottish choices David Tennant made on Desert Island Discs. Updated 28/12
Some articles have been posted in various places about David Tennant considering fatherhood. Updated 28/12
The Daily Mirror has an item about David Tennant being on Desert Island Discs today (although some of the comments are taken slightly out of context). Updated 27/12
Click here for a scan of the new David Tennant interview in Hello magazine but it's mainly a re-vamp of old interviews. (Thanks to iantoscybergirl for the scan.) Updated 26/12
The BBC website has some lovely comments about David Tennant by Doctor Who actress Tracy Ifeachor online here. Updated 24/12
Alan Sepinwall interviewed David Tennant (mainly about Doctor Who) in July just after ComicCon and has added his interview to NJ.com here. Updated 24/12
The Radio Times are producing a 164 page Doctor Who Special Magazine covering Russell T Davies and David Tennant's era of the programme. Click here for ordering info. Updated 24/12
The Daily Record today also have an interview with Bernard Cribbins where he talks about working with David Tennant on Doctor Who. Updated 24/12
According to an item in the Daily Record, they believe that David Tennant watched a Gruffalo private screening earlier this month. No date is given but David has been in Los Angeles filming for a lot if not all of December. Updated 24/12
Russell T Davies makes some nice comments about David Tennant in this interview in the Daily Mirror. Updated 23/12
The Daily Mail have an article about David Tennant on The Catherine Tate Show on Christmas Day but be warned that it contains a spoiler photo of how David will appear on the show. Updated 23/12
Click here for the extended version of the David Tennant interview with the Los Angeles Times. Updated 22/12
According to an item by the Press Association, visitors to GoCompare.com have voted David Tennant as the greatest Time Lord of all time. Updated 22/12
The 4th January issue of Hello magazine will apparently have an interview with David Tennant. Updated 22/12
The really detailed interview with David Tennant by Abigail Rokison from the University of Cambridge is available online here. It is virtually the only in-depth interview David gave during the run of the play. Updated 21/12
The Telegraph have a new mini interview with David Tennant online here. Updated 21/12
David Tennant is listed at #86 in the Lists Hot 100 for 2009 (which is the Scotland's greatest creative talent list). Updated 21/12
Click here to read The Herald (in Scotland only) which has an article today in its Arts magazine about David Tennant's TV appearances over Christmas. Updated 20/12
hamsterfur from Live Journal has also posted scans from The Observer online here but there is another new photo in the magazine that has not posted. Updated 20/12
The Herald (Scotland) article about David Tennant from yesterday is available online here thanks to hamsterfur on LiveJournal. Updated 20/12
The Independent has an article called "How David Tennant's Time Lord saved Auntie" today which is about the success of Doctor Who. It can be read online here. (For non-UKers Auntie is a colloquial name for the BBC.) Updated 20/12
There's a very detailed interview with David Tennant in The Guardian / Observer today. As well as following David around on a press day, they also have quotes from several of his co-stars. Updated 20/12
The Guardian says that Stephen Merchant will also be in the forthcoming movie Burke and Hare. However IMDB still do no list David Tennant as confirmed for the film although The Guardian articles says that he is. Updated 20/12
The Times have a report from the set of the RSC / David Tennant Hamlet online here. (It contains minor spoilers.) Updated 19/12
Here's an extract from The Herald article about David Tennant which was published today in Scotland. Updated 19/12
The Daily Record have an "exclusive" interview with David Tennant discussing all his latest projects online here. Updated 19/12
hamsterfur on LJ has posted scans of the Daily Mirror Tenth Doctor Magazine (issued today) and the article about David Tennant and Doctor Who in the Time Out magazine here. Updated 19/12

There's a large round-up of David Tennant articles and interviews in the Press in the past 24 hours on DavidTennantOnTwitter@Blogspot.com. Updated 19/12
The BBC website have added a David Tennant video interview by Lizo Mzimba about his final days as the Doctor. The video was recorded back in May on the Doctor Who set. This is in advance of the Press Launch for The End Of Time when the Christmas Day episode will be shown to the press tonight, followed by a Q&A with Russell T Davies (David Tennant is still filming in Los Angeles). Updated 17/12
Newsbeat have an interview with David Tennant mainly about St Trinians 2 but they also mention Doctor Who. Updated 17/12
Click here for the photo of David Tennant from the January issue of Red Magazine (photo from LiveJournal fan forum). Updated 16/12

In The Sun Catherine Tate says she and David Tennant are equivalent to "Richard and Judy" this Christmas due to the volume of TV shows that they are both on. Updated 15/12
Red Magazine list RSC / David Tennant's Hamlet as their "must see" TV for this month, plus there is an interview with him in the January issue of the magazine (which is out now). Updated 14/12
On Sunday 13th December The Times printed a list of their Top Twenty Best Theatre Of The Decade with plays that starred David Tennant at numbers 5 (Hamlet) and 14 (The Pillowman)! Updated 13/12
The Paisley Daily Express have an article about David Tennant on Desert Island Discs. Updated 12/12
Posted online on Saturday 12th December were two articles from the Sunday Mercury. This one is called "7 Things You Didn't Know About David Tennant" and this one is about Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Updated 12/12
Click here to read the press release about a new David Tennant book to raise money for the cancer charity AICR. Updated 11/12
Metro has photos of The End Of Time clip which includes David Tennant and June Whitfield which was released today. Meanwhile STV focus on the David Tennant / The Proclaimers clip which was also released today. Updated 11/12
Doctor Who Magazine #416 is published today and it has a photo of David Tennant on the front cover. This issue is the biggest-ever edition and costs £4.99 (usual price £3.99). GallifreyBase call DWM 416 "a David Tennant Special." Click here for more info. Updated 10/12
The Press Association have a different slant on David Tennant's Radio Times interview as they use quotes from it to say there there will be "no Doctor Who movie." This slant was also taken by The Daily Mirror. Updated 7/12
On Monday 7th December there were several articles in British newspapers (The Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Scottish Daily Record, Daily Star) saying that David Tennant may be relocating to Hollywood. All the articles appear to be a rehash of the Radio Times interview where basically he just says that he will go where his work takes him. Updated 7/12
RexFeatures have more photos of David Tennant on the set of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer yesterday. Updated 6/12
SeenIt.co.uk have posted a precise synopsis of upcoming David Tennant DVD releases. The BBC have announced that David's Video Diary for the Specials boxset will be 40 minutes and 40 seconds in length. Updated 6/12
SFX have a fun article about the number of TV and radio programmes that David Tennant will be on over Christmas and which programmes they would like to see him in too. Updated 6/12
RexFeatures have some new photos of David Tennant leaving BBC radio last month. Updated 6/12
hamsterfur on LiveJournal has posted scans from the David Tennant sections of the Radio Times which contain spoilers. There are photos of him in Doctor Who and Hamlet and an interview. Updated 5/12
There's a photo of David Tennant as the Doctor on the front of the Christmas edition of TV & Satellite Week. Updated 5/12
The BBC website has the covers of all ten versions of the Doctor Who issue of Time Out online here. Click here to view the David Tennant issue. Published on Tuesday 8th December. Updated 5/12
The Christmas issue of the Radio Times will have 2 different covers. One is a Doctor Who themed cover (but not with a photo of David Tennant). The Guardian has copies of both versions. Updated 4/12
Time Out will be issuing a Doctor Who Special for the week commencing Thursday 10th December. It features 10 different covers - one of each of the ten Doctors. Updated 2/12

November 2009
There is an article and David Tennant cover on the monthly magazine Reader's Digest that was published on Thursday 26th November. Click here to see the cover. Updated 26/11
David Tennant appears on the cover of the Radio Times for the week 5th to 11th December with the header "Death of a Doctor". This issue is available from Saturday 28th November. Photo of cover. Updated 25/11
David Tennant will be reading five stories for the children's section of the BBC (CBBC) over the Christmas period. He will read The Christmas Bear by Henrietta and Paul Stickland on Christmas Eve with the other 4 stories the following week. The other stories are How High Is The Sky by Anna Milbourne, Small Mouse, Big City by Simon Prescott, Emily Brown And The Elephant Emergency by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton and Miki by Stephen Mackey. Click here to see the press release about here and here for a photo of David Tennant on the Bedtime Stories set. Updated 23/11
David Tennant was voted Sexiest Male in a poll carried out with Women who were aged over 30. Updated 12/11
You can vote for David Tennant in the What's On Stage Awards throughout all of November. The shortlist will be announced on Friday 4th December 2009 and the awards will be presented on Sunday 14th February 2010 at the West Endís Prince of Wales Theatre. Updated 3/11
David Tennant is one of 14 nominations for Best Actor in Evening Standard Awards. The awards will be presented on 23rd November at a ceremony at the Royal Opera House. Last year David Tennant attended these awards to present an award to Michael Boyd of the RSC. Updated 2/11
On 31st October David Tennant attended a Halloween party hosted by Jonathan Ross. Click here to see a photo of him in costume. Updated 1/11

October 2009 and earlier
On Sunday 25th October David Tennant attended a gig by Tim Minchin at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Updated 26/10
David Tennant attended the premiere and after show party for the Press Night of Speaking In Tongues at the Duke Of York Theatre on Monday 28th September. Dan Wooller posted photos of David online here. Getty had a batch of photos from this event here and the Daily Mail put their own spin on it here. Updated 29/9
David Tennant attended the premiere and after show party for the Press Night of Enron at the Royal Court on Tuesday 22nd September. Dan Wooller posted a photo of David with Harriet Walter online here. @danbrusca posted a photo of David Tennant in the bar of the Old Vic the following night here. Inherit The Wind was playing that night but it's unclear whether or not he attended the play too. Updated 26/9
Christian O'Connell posted on Twitter that David Tennant will be co-hosting his radio show on Absolute Radio for a week in November. (That's 5 days from 6am until 10am!) This story was soon picked up by the press - this item in the Guardian is typical. Updated 22/9
On Tuesday 1st September The Sun newspaper printed an article saying that Madonna had met with David Tennant to discuss the possibility of him appearing in a musical movie that she will directing based on the story of Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. This story was later picked up by loads of different newspapers worldwide. Updated 1/9
David Tennant attended V Festival in Chelmsford on Sunday 23rd August. Although this was a private visit he went up on stage to introduce The Proclaimers at their gig in the Louder Lounge. Online articles about this event can be found in the David Tennant at V Festival section. Updated 24/8

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