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December 2010
Dark Horizons lists Fright Night as on of their Notable Films of 2011 (the page includes a David Tennant photo). Updated 31/12

The Hello Magazine poll for Most Attractive Man 2010 has closed. It appears likely that David Tennant came third with Hugh Laurie as the winner. Updated 31/12

BBC America include David Tennant in their "Top 10 British Stars To Watch in 2011" list. Updated 30/12

The Guardian has a review of Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice which mentions David Tennant. Updated 30/12

The ICAP Charity Day 2010 on 8th December (which David Tennant joined in with) raised over £12m according to their report today. Updated 30/12

This is Leicestershire has a review of Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice. Updated 30/12

The Daily Express has a brief item about Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice including a photo of David Tennant. Updated 29/12

David Tennant Treat 4 Today - an interview from 2000 Updated 28/12

According to a report in the Daily Mirror today David Tennant has been voted fourth in a Sexiest Celeb In Glasses Poll. This was one position behind Alan Carr! Gok Wan came top of the poll. Updated 28/12

David Tennant's 10th Doctor regeneration was #8 on Channel 5's 50 Greatest Christmas TV moments as revealed on television tonight. Updated 24/12

David Tennant Treat 4 Today - an item in the Press from earlier this month. Updated 24/12

David Tennant's The End Of Time Part 2 was the 9th most popular programme watched on BBC iPlayer in 2010 so far according to a BBC report today. Updated 23/12

David Tennant's Doctor Who regeneration scene gets a mention in the American website Entertainment Weekly's 10 Best Character Deaths of 2010. Updated 23/12

RobertHollingworth.co.uk have added some new photos of David Tennant from the forthcoming Doctor Who Regenerations DVD. Updated 21/12

The Guardian reports that David Tennant's regeneration in Doctor Who was the 9th most viewed television show of 2010 so far. (It just beats Downton Abbey which is the drama which was against Single Father.) Updated 21/12

David Tennant is mentioned in Question 30 of the Liverpool Echo Quiz about 2010. The question is "What was the name of the Sunday night BBC1 drama which featured David Tennant and Suranne Jones?" Click here for the answer. Updated 21/12

The full David Tennant videoed interview is now on the Carlisle United Football Club website. It costs about £4 to view it although photos from the video have already been posted from it onto other websites. Updated 19/12

Over the Christmas and New Year season, including repeats, David Tennant will be on UK television over 111 times! The programmes/times will be tweeted each day. Updated 19/12

A DVD of The End Of Time is available with The Sun newspaper. Updated 18/12

The Carlisle United Football Club website has a free preview clip of their interview with David Tennant about United. The full interview will be available for paying fans at the weekend. Updated 16/12

Reel Scotland has an interview with Laura Fraser who talks about working with David Tennant in Casanova and Single Father. Updated 16/12

CultureWatch has an article by Richard Blakely on the Single Father TV series starring David Tennant. Updated 15/12

The movie How To Train Your Dragon (which David Tennant has a couple of lines in) has been nominated in the Best Animated Feature Film category at the Golden Globe Awards. Updated 15/12

SFX Magazine have their 2011 Sci-Fi poll with lots of David Tennant suggestions including Best Actor, Sexiest Male, Best Death Scene etc. Updated 14/12

Click here for the video of David Tennant on North East News and here for him on North West Tonight from last night. Updated 11/12

Tonight David Tennant was shown on both North East News and North West Tonight talking about United. Apparently it will be screened in Autumn 2011. Updated 10/12

David Tennant is now in the 2010 Hello Magazine Poll for Most Attractive Man. Click here to vote once every 10 minutes per browser. The annual poll is usually held in January so we were not expecting it yet and Hello Magazine did not notify us until one of the other men had already got a lead of over 1,000! David was in 7th place when we first tweeted but he did manage to get up to second place at one point. Updated 10/12

Today David Tennant attended the ICAP charity event in London. See here for more info and photos. David's photo was on the front page of some editions of the Evening Standard in relation to this. Updated 8/12

The News & Star have an article about David Tennant filming United in Carlisle. Updated 7/12

David Tennant's artwork obtained £450 at auction for the Willow Foundation after 42 bids. Updated 6/12

David Tennant was mentioned in yesterday's Sunday Sun from the Newcastle area about United. However fans who were there say that the report is exaggerated. Updated 6/12

According to a survey for the television station Gold, David Tennant kissing Kylie Minogue in Voyage Of The Damned has been voted Britain's 10th Most Memorable TV Christmas Moment. Updated 1/12

The Manchester Evening News has an article about United being filmed at Brunton Park which is Carlisle United's ground. Plus they state (unconfirmed) that the name of the drama is "United – the Busby Babes and the Munich Air Crash." Updated 1/12

November 2010
Today a signed David Tennant postcard has been added to eBay to raise money for MS research. The auction ends on 10th December and the opening bid is 99p. Updated 30/11
David Tennant's canvas drawing for The Willow Foundation is now available on eBay. It is currently £107 after 21 bids. The auction ends on 6th December. Updated 28/11

The first photo of David Tennant filming United earlier this week has been posted online. Click here to view it but there is an error in the article as David has a Welsh accent in the drama. Updated 28/11

David Tennant has won the October monthly vote for Most Attractive Man run by Hello Magazine by over 8,000 votes. He will now be in the 2010 final which takes place in January. Updated 24/11

As it is the 47th birthday of Doctor Who, the Radio Times carried out a straw poll on Twitter to find the most popular episode of the series and The End Of Time came top. Updated 23/11

The Guardian have a review of How Roald Dahl Shaped Pop. Updated 23/11

There was a brief David Tennant mention in the Evening Standard today regarding the 24 Hour Plays at the Old Vic last night. Updated 22/11

The Stage have a preview of the David Tennant narrated How Roald Dahl Shaped British Pop programme which is broadcast on BBC Radio Two tomorrow evening. Updated 21/11

Celebrity Sentry has an article about Scottish actors (including David Tennant) in the Best Dressed Man Awards on Glamour.com. Updated 21/11

David Tennant's artwork for The Willow Foundation is now online here. The auction starts on Friday 26th November and all proceeds go to The Willow Foundation who arrange special days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds throughout the UK. David has drawn a mug of tea with his signature in the background. It is dated 17th July 2010. Updated 17/11

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard reports that David Tennant has signed a full-length cut-out to raise money for a Barnado's store in Cirencester. Updated 15/11

David_Tennant on Twitter has over 25,000 followers! (About 10,000 more than any other David Tennant related account on Twitter.) Click here to see why we say that we are the fastest and most frequently updated website about David Tennant. Updated 15/11

Click here for a round-up of the viewing figures and the Appreciation Index for the whole series of Single Father. Updated 15/11

David Tennant has contributed to Stars On Canvas. His canvas will be on line mid next week. Updated 14/11

2 Minute Silence is a new entry at #20 in the UK Charts. David Tennant is in video) You can still download it at this link. Updated 14/11

The Daily Record today has an article about David Tennant's forthcoming movie Decoy Bride. The article says that "Film agency Scottish Screen have backed the project with £300,000, the biggest grant they can award for a feature film." Updated 14/11

An updated article about David Tennant in United is currently the fifth most read article on the BBC website. Updated 14/11

Click here for a round-up of the press articles about David Tennant in the BBC movie United. Updated 13/11
The Telegraph say that the 2 Minutes Silence single will be broadcast on the UK Chart Show tomorrow (David Tennant is in the video). Updated 13/11

Click here to read the Press Association item about David Tennant in United but be warned that it contains spoilers about David's character. Updated 12/11

The official BBC Press Release about David Tennant in United movie. Updated 12/11

Click here for more info about David Tennant in the United movie and the character he will be playing. Updated 12/11

The Daily Mail posts more info on David Tennant's new film United that will start filming soon. Updated 12/11

David Tennant has made the short list for Best Dressed Man from GQ Magazine. Updated 11/11

Collinder.com has a new photo (and not the first image as they claim!) of David Tennant from Decoy Bride, plus a movie snyposis (which contains minor spoilers). Updated 11/11

Closer Magazine has a David Tennant related Word Search this week. Updated 10/11

The couple with the Doctor Who / David Tennant ambigious question in the quiz show have been given another chance reports the Daily Record. Updated 9/11

SilentNightBeds have more details about David Tennant being voted one of the best bedtime voices. Updated 9/11

The couple with the Doctor Who / David Tennant ambigious question in the quiz show have been given another chance reports the Daily Record. Updated 9/11

SilentNightBeds have more details about David Tennant being voted one of the best bedtime voices. Updated 9/11

There were some great quotes about David Tennant in Single Father on Points Of View yesterday. Click here to watch a video of that part of the programme. The presenter calls him "the actor with the Midas touch.<./i>" Updated 8/11

David Tennant has contributed to a Sense Scotland fundraising lunch which is being held on Friday. Updated 8/11

David Tennant is named as one of the favourite people to read a bedtime story according to an article on Scotsman.com. Updated 8/11

An ambigious Doctor Who / David Tennant question on the Channel 4 Million Pound Drop Quiz Show cost a couple £325K. This item is covered in both the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail today. Updated 8/11

An article in The Telegraph today includes David Tennant as one of the actors in the Two Minute Silence video. Updated 7/11

There are two brief mentions of David Tennant in Press today. The Telegraph has an interview with Matt Smith in which he mentions David and The Guardian has an alternative dress guide feature. Updated 6/11

An actor / waitress describes David Tennant as "Very nice – quite shy and quiet" in the East Anglian Daily Times. Updated 4/11

The Ayrshire Post has an article about an extra in Decoy Bride with David Tennant. Updated 4/11

David Tennant is now in the monthly poll for Most Attractive Man run by Hello Magazine. Click here to vote once every ten minutes per browser. Updated 2/11

David Tennant is RUMOURED to be in the Old Vic 24 Hour Plays on Sunday 21st November according to the Evening Standard. Updated 2/11

October 2010
It must be a slow-news day for the Daily Express as they've printed David Tennant's comment from yesterday about the birds and the bees. Updated 29/10

Headway Essex have announced that the David Tennant Doodle T-shirts and pillowcases can now be purchased outside the UK. See here for more details. Updated 27/10

ThisIsNottingham reports David Tennant received more cheers than the others at Doctor Who Live. They say "When the big screen showed a roll call of all the eleven TV Doctors, it was impossible not to notice that his predecessor David Tennant was by far the most popular with the audience, drawing cheers dwarfing those for any of his rivals." Fans in other cities report the same. Updated 27/10

Daily Express claims that David Tennant is "waiting by the phone" for a call about the Hobbit movie. However the article is slightly out of date as Martin Freeman is already confirmed for the movie. Updated 24/10

Quotes from the Sunday papers of previews of Single Father episode 3 include the Observer "Outstanding" and the Sunday Telegraph "enthralling emotional drama" and "exceptional David Tennant." Updated 24/10

David Tennant will be interviewed on a Radio Four programme aired today at 8pm called Playing the Dane. Updated 23/10

Several websites have lately posted articles about David Tennant's comments on the Paul O'Grady Show about the Yellow Submarine movie. See here for more details. Updated 21/10

David Tennant's victory in the Hello Magazine weekly poll is described by them as "a landslide". Updated 20/10

David Tennant comfortably won the Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man vote this week with over 8,000 votes. Johnny Depp received less than 3,000 votes. In comparison last week's winner only obtained 330. Updated 19/10

There are 3 (small) photos of David Tennant in the new Radio Times and Single Father is their Pick Of The Day for Sunday. Also the Radio Times, previewing the third episode of Single Father, describes it as "the best episode so far of this excellent series." Updated 19/10

The Metro newspaper has an article (with a photo of David Tennant) about the Hobbit movie RUMOUR This has also appeared on numerous online websites this past weekend. Updated 18/10

Cressida Cowell mentions David Tennant in an article about How to Train Your Dragon on MovieWeb.com. Updated 18/10

There's a great quote about David Tennant by Derren Brown in today's Guardian. Updated 18/10

Click here for more about David Tennant's participation in the British Legion Poppy Appeal charity video and single. Updated 16/10

Today the Daily Mirror have printed an item about David Tennant's phone call to Christian O'Connell which was broadcast yesterday. Updated 16/10

David Tennant has taken part in the charity video and single 2 Minute Silence as part of this year's Poppy Appeal according to this BBC press release (including a photo of David). Updated 16/10

The first episode of David Tennant's Single Father received an AI of 86.5 (anything above 85 for a drama is considered great!). Updated 12/10

Yesterday DavidTennantOnTwitter.com asked people to tweet HelloMagazine to ask them to include David Tennant in their Most Attractive Man poll for this week and today he's in it! By 4pm David Tennant had 413 votes but last week's winner only scored 334 by the end of poll! Click here to vote every 15 minutes. Updated 12/10

BBC Radio Two have added a photo of David Tennant with Graham Norton on Saturday. Updated 12/10

There are 2 photos of David Tennant from Single Father in this weeks Radio Times (plus a half page preview feature). Updated 12/10

4.84 million people watched the first episode of Single Father on BBC One last night (plus another 215K watched on BBC HD so a total audience of over 5 million) according to Digital Spy. The BBC figure was a % share of the viewing audience. The final figure will be higher when people who watch it on iPlayer or record it are included. The Guardian have an article about this too. Updated 11/10

Click here and here to read reviews of David Tennant in Celebrity Autobiography last week. Updated 11/10

Quotes from The Telegraph about Single Father include "Single Father balances scenes of acid observation with moments of raw power", "David Tennant is quietly impressive" and "Single Father is a tour de force, not least for Tennant’s rare ability to express credible male emotion" Updated 10/10

Click here to read several items in the Press today about David Tennant in Single Father. Updated 9/10

OnTheBox rates Single Father as five stars and says "David Tennant is one of the best small-screen actors that the UK has produced in recent years." Updated 8/10

Following his appearance on Paul O'Grady David Tennant is the Top Trending Topic on Twitter! He has held that position for about two hours and we've had over 300 new followers in that time! Updated 8/10

The Radio Times website has 24 new high quality publicity photos of David Tennant from Single Father. Updated 8/10

David Tennant is mentioned on the front page of the Evening Standard tonight as they favourably compare Rory Kinnear's Hamlet to David's. The Evening Standard also use a quote from David Tennant on Woman's Hour as their Quote Of The Day, plus there's a photo of him on the television page about the Paul O'Grady Show tonight. In The Telegraph review of Kinnear's Hamlet they say " I would put him right up there with Tennant..." Updated 8/10

The Guardian have an article titled "Who will win the battle of Sunday night?" which includes David Tennant in Single Father. Updated 8/10

The Sun interview with Jenni Keenan Green about Single Father (which includes a new photo of David Tennant). Updated 8/10

Digital Spy have picked up on David Tennant's comments about sex scences when filming Single Father. Updated 7/10

Reel Scotland has a review of Single Father with a new photo of David Tennant. Updated 7/10

The Evening Standard has a review of David Tennant in Celebrity Autobiography last night. Also his one of his co-stars Dom Joly tweeted this. Updated 7/10

Click here for another new interview with Suranne Jones about Single Father (and David Tennant) - from TV Choice this time. Updated 5/10

Click here for a new interview with Suranne Jones about filming with David Tennant on Digital Spy. Updated 5/10

There are small photos of David Tennant on the front cover of all the TV listings magazines this week to promote Single Father but only Radio Times has an interview. Quotes from Single Father reviews include the Radio Times with "David Tennant is superb" and the TV Times printing "David Tennant and Suranne Jones sizzle on screen." Click here for scans of Radio Times. Updated 5/10

Click here to read about several articles about David Tennant in the press today in regards to his interview about Single Father, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer and Doctor Who in today's Radio Times. Updated 5/10

David Tennant Radio Times cover David Tennant is on the cover of the Radio Times (published tomorrow) with an interview inside "talking about "Hollywood, feeling broody and his successor Matt Smith." One quote from the interview is ""Los Angeles is full of opportunities but the flip side is that there are more actors than cockroaches." Updated 4/10

Suranne Jones interview about Single Father in the Daily Record. Updated 3/10

Celebrity Autobiography creator Eugene Pack lists David Tennant as a star he would like in the West End version of his Broadway talk show according to an article in The Independent. Updated 1/10

David Tennant is #24 on Britian's Best Dressed Stars List (as voted by fans). Updated 1/10

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