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June 2010
The David Tennant book called "David Tennant A Year In The Spotlight" is now available as a download (both Kindle or PDF). It has 356 pages and all proceeds are donated to the cancer charity AICR which David supports. It costs either $2.35 or 2. (The phsyical book is still available too.) Click
here for more details. Updated 28/6

There's a quote by David Tennant on the front of Arabella Weir's new book which is released on 19th August. Click here to read it and pre-order. Updated 28/6

The Metro (and other newspapers nationwide) have an article about David Tennant filming Decoy Bride on the Isle Of Man. Updated 28/6

Voting for the Portal Awards starts today (both David Tennant and Doctor Who are nominated). Click here to vote. You can vote once per day per email address and it ends on 25th July. Updated 25/6

The Saturn Awards were announced last night in Los Angeles. David Tennant was nominated in the Best Television Actor category but neither he nor Doctor Who won any awards although Torchwood picked up the award for the Best Television Presentation. Updated 25/6

There is now a hunt for extras for David Tennant's British film Decoy Bride too. Click here for details. Updated 24/6

Click here to read about the chance to become an extra in David Tennant's forthcoming movie Fright Night (plus the filming dates). Updated 24/6

According to ShockTillYouDrop.com David Tennant's movie Fright Night (which is not even filmed yet) has the release date of 7th October 2011 which means that it's only 472 days to wait! The article also says that there will be a 3D version of the movie. Updated 22/6

David Tennant has been entered in the first round of voting for the Emmys for both Einstein and Eddington and for Hamlet. See here for more details. Updated 15/6

David Tennant is mentioned in The Independent today in an article about understudies taking over at the English National Opera. Updated 15/6

David Tennant was mentioned for high praise at a BAFTA / BFI discussion last night about British drama especially regarding Single Father. See here for details. Updated 15/6

HeraldScotland reports that children were starstruck by David Tennant when he was filming Single Father at their school. Updated 14/6

A local newspaper has an article about a ten year old stage actor who met David Tennant after press night of All My Sons (includes photo). Updated 12/6

A brand awareness survey lists David Tennant as children's second most favourite celebrity. Updated 10/6

Click here to see a round-up of the press articles yesterday about David Tennant in Fright Night. Updated 10/6

David Tennant to star in the Dreamworks remake of the movie Fright Night. See here for more details. Updated 9/6

The Daily Mail claims that Gordon Brown's security caused problems in the first performance of David Tennant's Hamlet in July 2008. Updated 4/6

Whovian.Net report that David Tennant is one celebrity nominated for POSSIBLY helping in charity campaign against violence against women. Viewers are requested to vote for their favourite celebrity to help in the campaign and then they will be approached about whether or not they wish to join in. Updated 2/6

May 2010
Harry Potter won the Special Recognition Award at the National Movie Awards. A David Tennant interview was shown at the ceremony. Click here to read about it and here to see the interview. Updated 27/5

Now there's a RUMOUR that David Tennant and Billie Piper could reunite for a remake of Sapphire & Steel according to Kasterborous.com. Updated 21/5

David Tennant is mentioned in an article called "Walk in the footsteps of the RSC stars" in the Coventry Telegraph. Updated 19/5

There's a negative slanted article about Rex Is Not Your Lawyer not being commission by NBC in The Telegraph. Updated 18/5

Click here for the filming schedule for David Tennant's forthcoming movie Decoy Bride. Updated 18/5

ThreeFM say thatDecoy Bride is "likely to be released around this time next year". Updated 18/5

More information about David Tennant's new film Decoy Bride was published today in both The Scotsman and The Independent. Updated 15/5

ScreenDaily.com reports that at Cannes it was announced today that David Tennant will appear in the movie Decoy Bride. Filming starts in June. Updated 14/5

There's more speculation on David Tennant's pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. A round-up is here. Updated 10/5

A poll carried out by LoveFilm says David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is the character most people would like to see as Prime Minister out of the 2,000 of the members that they asked. He beat a mixture of fictional characters to win with 31% of the votes. Updated 7/5

Click here for probably the best review of Hamlet after its US release yesterday. Updated 5/5

Click here to listen to David Tennant's fifth voice-over for the Labour Party for this election. Updated 3/5

Today the Sunday Mirror ponders what would happen if David Tennant stood for Prime Minister instead of Gordon Brown. (They believe that David would win!) Updated 2/5

April 2010
The second part of the David Tennant read Doctor Who audiobook Pest Control is being given away in today's Telegraph. See here for more info. Updated 26/4

Along with a lot of other actors, David Tennant has signed a letter opposing The Conservative Party's plans for BBC which was published in The Observer today. Click here for the Press Association article about it and here to read the letter. Updated 25/4

The David Tennant read Doctor Who audiobook Pest Control is being given away in today's Sunday Telegraph. The second part will be in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph. See here for more info. Updated 25/4

In an interview in The Guardian today, Prime Minister Gordon Brown says that he would like David Tennant to play him in any film about his life. Updated 24/4

David Tennant has recorded his fourth voice-over for this election campaign for The Labour Party. See here for more details. Updated 21/4

Metro Newspaper asks if David Tennant will be seen nude in Single Father! Updated 21/4

TVSquad have a review and video clips of Hamlet leading up to its US premiere on PBS on 28th April. Updated 21/4

The BBC Election page has an article about political celebrities in 2005 and 2010 which features David Tennant. Updated 20/4

David Tennant was mentioned on this week's episode of Have I Got News For You. More details here. Updated 19/4

Today is David Tennant's 39th birthday. From something that was tweeted last weeek, it seems that David Tennant always planned to celebrate his birthday in Scotland today, even before the ash / airplane problem. Today Derren Brown made a Blog post about David Tennant's birthday online here. Updated 18/4

The Telegraph is giving away copies of the Doctor Who audiobook Pest Control read by David Tennant on Sunday 25th & Monday 26th April according to writer Peter Anghelides. More details are here. Updated 14/4

David_Tennant on Twitter Patrick Stewart makes some nice comments about David Tennant in relation to Hamlet and the theatre in this article in the Sioux City Journal. Updated 16/4

David Tennant is the voice-over for Eddie Izzard's Labour Party video. Click here to view it. David's voice-over is at the end of the video. Updated 16/4

David Tennant provides the voice-over for this new video for the Scottish Labour Party. Updated 14/4

David Tennant and Doctor Who have been nominated in the Canadian Constellation Awards. Updated 14/4

The Press Association are using a quote from David Tennant that the election is "a two-horse race." See here for the article. Updated 13/4

The Telegraph reports today that in an interview in the Radio Times Prime Minister PM Gordon Brown says that he thinks David Tennant was the best Doctor. See here for the full article. Updated 13/4

Doctor Who has been nominated in the Best Drama category in the Welsh Baftas (plus Best Make-up and Best Design). See here for more details. The awards will be presented on 23rd May in Cardiff. Updated 12/4

David Tennant is mentioned in several newspapers today in regards to his voiceover on The Labour Party advert. See here for more details. Updated 12/4

The David Tennant episode of Doctor Who called The End Of Time won in the Best Television Presentation category of the 8th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. See here for more information. Updated 11/4

There's a brief mention of David Tennant in The Times today in interview with Stephen McCole who is filming Single Father with him in Glasgow. Updated 11/4

Apparently David Tennant was mentioned or shown on two BBC television programmes tonight. See here for details. Updated 8/4

See here for our policy about David Tennant versus Matt Smith polls and articles. Updated 8/4

Click here for an update about David Tennant filming Single Father on Easter Monday in Glasgow. Updated 7/4

The Independent says that David Tennant was recently approached to play a role in a London theatre. Updated 2/4

Today The Daily Star have the headline "Matt Smith is getting David Tennant's Fan Mail in an article which includes a photo of David. Updated 2/4

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