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(January to March 2010)

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March 2010
Matt Smith has some lovely thngs to say about David Tennant and Billie Piper
in this article on WhatsOnTV.com. Updated 31/3

Click here to read the first US press for the screening of the RSC Hamlet on 28th April. One great quote is "Hamlet aired in the UK on Boxing Day at Christmastime 2009, and more than 900,000 viewers tuned in for the BBC broadcast. In an article in The Observer, Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown wrote: "Like many people, I had my love of Shakespeare reawakened by David Tennant's TV portrayal of Hamlet over Christmas."" Updated 30/3

David Tennant is mentioned in today's Sunday People as he is a well known supporter of the Labour party. Updated 28/3

David Tennant was mentioned in today's Daily Mirror about the long running drama The Bill being axed. Also Bill actor Eric Richard on BBC Breakfast today said he couldn't remember David Tennant in The Bill (in 1995) but said he'd seen 5000 actors during his 17 years on the series. Updated 27/3

The Independent yesterday looked at the movie How To Train Your Dragon. Apparently it opened in Russia first but was dubbed into Russian by other actors so David Tennant's voice was not used. Updated 27/3

David Tennant's animated film How To Train Your Dragon opens today in the US. Updated 26/3

Click here for a large version of the photo of David Tennant in Single Father (from BlogtorWho). Click on the picture to make it even larger. Updated 25/3

Some casting news about Single Father has been posted online here. Updated 25/3

Even more casting news about Single Father has been posted online here, plus a publicity photo from the drama. Updated 25/3

Thanks to karenor on LiveJournal, David Tennant's interview in the Virgin magazine electric! has been transcribed online here. (You have to be a member of LiveJournal to view it.) David discusses (briefly) Doctor Who, Hamlet and Rex Is Not Your Lawyer among other topics. Updated 25/3

David Tennant's animated film How To Train Your Dragon opens today in Australia. Updated 25/3

A paparazzi photo of David Tennant going to or from filming Single Father in Glasgow was posted in the Scottish edition of The Sun yesterday. Click here to view the photo. (Thanks to Kazters for posting it.) Updated 24/3

It's been announced that Ewan MacGregor will play Edward in the Madonna movie about him and Mrs Simpson which puts to rest those David Tennant rumours that circulated in September 2009. Updated 24/3

The Daily Record report today that Scottish actor Neve McIntosh will star in Single Father with David Tennant. Updated 21/3

David Tennant mentioned in the press today about Doctor Who (including his sex appeal!). Updated 19/3

Some David Tennant merchandise is now available on the Headway Essex website as David is a patron of that charity. Unfortunately currently they will not ship outside the UK. Updated 19/3

Following the press launch for Series Five of Doctor Who last night in Cardiff, DigitalSpy report that David Tennant will appear in the series. It says that he will be a "cameo / guest star" so most probably will be a flash-back scene. Updated 19/3

The David Tennant inspired fictional book called Rules by Jane Beaton is published today. See here for more details about the book and how to purchase it. Recently five copies of the book were given away in a competition on DavidTennantOnTwitter.com. Updated 18/3

David Tennant will be narrating part of an audio book for two wildlife charities. See here for more info. Updated 15/3

David_Tennant on Twitter The Telegraph printed an article on Friday titled "Doctor Who voted greatest screen doctor" which included a photo of David Tennant despite the fact that it noted that Matt Smith was now playing The Doctor. Updated 14/3

There's a David Tennant interview (about Doctor Who) and photo on the front of the Virgin Media electric! magazine for this month. Updated 12/3

The Metro newspaper has the David Tennant / Billie Piper story about them being in talks (but not confirmed) for a movie together. Updated 12/3

Tonight's edition of the Evening Standard also has the story about teaching Shakespeare in schools, using David Tennant's Hamlet as an example but with a different photo of David. Updated 11/3

There's a photo of David Tennant on the front page of The Guardian today about an article looking at teaching Shakespeare in schools. Updated 11/3

Click here to read about a new book that is inspired by David Tennant, plus a competition to win a copy of it. The book is called Rules by Jane Beaton. Updated 9/3

There's a detailed review of the first episode of Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man (as narrated by David Tennant) at The Independent. Updated 9/3

The Sun today has printed an article about David Tennant's documentary to be aired on Saturday called Karate Kids. See here for more information. It airs on BBC2 at 11.30am. Updated 8/3

A book by RSC actor Keith Osborn about the rehearsal process and the staging (plus a section about the filming of the DVD too) of David Tennant's Hamlet will be released in May. Keith kept a detailed Blog on the RSC website during the run of the play and this book is based on that. The book is called 'Something Written in the State of Denmark: An Actor's Year with the Royal Shakespeare Company.' Click here for more details. Updated 8/3

David Tennant is placed at no 86 of the Piers Morgan "100 British celebrities who really matter" list according to this article in the Daily Mail. Piers description is "I've never met him, I know absolutely nothing about him, and I doubt these two facts will ever change. But if you're a hit as Doctor Who in this country, then you matter. Rather more irritatingly, from a personal point of view, Tennant was on TV even more than me at Christmas. Which is the main reason he's down so low on my list." Updated 7/3

David Tennant has been nominated in "Best Geeky News Story" poll on Wired.com about him leaving Doctor Who. Updated 5/3

The Daily Mail has another David Tennant filming RUMOUR. It's about the possibility of him making a movie with Billie Piper this time. Click here for more information. Updated 5/3

Today The Sun newspaper has an article about the video of the David Tennant's first acting role. See here to read the article and here for the video. Updated 5/3

Doctor Who Magazine 419 is published today (has small photo of David Tennant on front). See here for more info. Updated 4/3

Click here for the link to vote for David Tennant in the Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man Monthly poll. David is currently in third place. The vote lasts almost all month and you can vote officially once every 15 minutes per browser (although there are ways around that!). Updated 3/3

Next week's Radio Times lists Of Mice And Men as their programme of the week. See here for more information and here for a section on Of Mice And Men. Updated 3/3

Inside Beat cites Doctor Who and especially David Tennant for the success of UK TV shows in the US in this article. Updated 3/3

David Tennant is mentioned in a Guardian article about the refurbished RSC theatre online here. Updated 3/3

David_Tennant on Twitter David Tennant has been voted Actor Of The Year in the Readers Awards at PinkPaper.com. Doctor Who was voted second-best TV show after Glee. These awards are described as "the largest gay awards in the UK." See here for the full list in all 55 categories. Updated 2/3

David Tennant is in the Hello Magazine monthly vote starting this week so watch this link and get him a good lead early on! Updated 1/3

February 2010
David Tennant's visit to see the play Jerusalem at the Apollo Theatre in London on Thursday evening made the Evening Standard Diary page. Updated 28/2

Two Los Angeles based newspapers have mentioned David Tennant's pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer in the past couple of days. See here for more details. Updated 16/2

The Bonhams auction of Doctor Who memorabilia was held today in London. David Tennant's dinner suit from Voyage Of The Damned sold for 5,040 and one of his shirts from the series reached 1,260. See here for more details including the sale prices and press coverage. Updated 24/2

The Hello Weekly vote for Most Attractive Man ends today. David Tennant is comfortably leading by 5,494 to the next highest of 2,881. Updated 23/2

ScreenDaily says Davd Tennant will be in the new movie Retreat. See here for more info. Updated 22/2

Thanks to fans contacting the company, David Tennant is now listed in the nominations for Best Television Actor in the Saturn Awards. Updated 22/2

There's confusion over David Tennant's nomination in the Saturn Awards. Click here for more details. Updated 21/2

The Independent has a review of Murder in Samarkand. Updated 21/2

More press (from various newspapers) about Single Father. Updated 19/2

The Sun is running the story about David Tennant's new drama Single Father online here. Updated 19/2

The Herald (a Scottish newspaper) reports that David Tennant will be starring in a new 4 part drama for BBC Scotland called Single Father. See here for more information. Updated 18/2

David Tennant has been short-listed for the British Press Guild Award for Best Actor for his roles in Doctor Who and Hamlet. See here for more details. Updated 18/2

The Doctor Who magazine called In Their Own Words Volume 6 (which includes David Tennant's era) is published today. See here for more info. Updated 18/2

The charity Headway Essex has a new website with a page especially about David Tennant. He became their patron after filming the programme about brain damage called Recovery in 2007. Click here to view David's page which includes videos and his two annual reviews. Updated 17/2

David Tennant is back in the weekly poll for Most Attractive Man on Hello Magazine again. The winner of this week will be entered in the contest for this month and then the 12 winners during 2010 will compete for the annual title next January. Currently David is comfortably winning with 2922 votes to 285 for Kiefer Sutherland. Click here to vote. Updated 17/2

There's a small photo of David Tennant on the front cover of Doctor Who Magazine #419 which is published on 4th March. Click here to see it. (David's photo is on the top right.) Updated 17/2

Today Hello Magazine announced that their readers had voted David Tennant as the Best Dressed Man of 2009. He received over 35% of the total vote. See here for more details. Updated 16/2

David Tennant won both the Best Male Actor and the Sexiest Male Awards in the SFX Magazine Readers poll. Updated 16/2

Two of the broadsheets have run articles recently about David Tennant's support of The Labour Party (plus Michael Winner believes David is not very widely known!). Updated 16/2

Arabella Weir mentions David Tennant in her Witter interview in The Times today. Updated 14/2

Craig Murray talks about David Tennant playing him in the radio play Murder In Samarkand on Saturday in a Daily Mail article here. Updated 14/2

Doctor Who Magazine's In Their Own Words Vol 6 magazine (which includes David Tennant's era as Doctor Who) is published on Thursday 18th February. Click here to see the cover. Updated 9/2

Click here for more details about David Tennant donating his bag for the cancer charity Marie Curie. Updated 9/2

David_Tennant on Twitter David Tennant has donated one of his bag to be auctioned at a ball for the cancer charity Marie Curie Cancer Care. Click here for more info. Updated 8/2

Following the interview in Doctor Who Magazine #418 with Louise Page talking about dressing David Tennant in Doctor Who, today DigitalSpy posted an article with the title "Tennant was a nightmare" with a negative slant about David. They have now changed the article to reflect the fact that Louise was joking and talking affectionately about him (although the title remains). Updated 8/2

The Guardian has an article that starts "David Tennant is hot property..." Click here to read it but it's about the amount of money that was bid for him in the auction at the charity quiz night last week for Centrepoint. Updated 8/2

The Daily Express have posted an article today saying that they believe that David Tennant COULD be about to make a Doctor Who movie in Hollywood following on from what Billie Piper said on 29th January. Updated 7/2

Several websites and newspapers have picked up on the Bonhams auction of Doctor Who and Torchwood props and clothing first mentioned here on Tuesday. Examples are the BBC Doctor Who website, The Guardian, BBC News website, Scottish Daily Record, Daily Mirror and Los Angeles Times. The auction takes place in Knightsbridge, London on Wednesday 24th February and the lots can be viewed from Sunday 21st onwards. Updated 6/2

The BBC have issued a press release about the David Hare radio play Murder In Samarkand which David Tennant stars in on Saturday 20th February. Click here to read the press release and some photos of David Tennant with David Hare. Updated 5/2

Several newspapers today are reporting that David Tennant has been voted second favourite person schoolchildren would like as teacher in a poll conducted by the website Swapit.co.uk. (X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole came first.) Examples are MonstersAndCritics.com, The Guardian and The Press Association. Updated 5/2

Kasterborous has a preview of Doctor Who Magazine #418 where dresser Louise Page talks about dressing David Tennant. Click here to read more about the magazine. Updated 5/2

David Tennant is voicing a NewsRound Special about staying safe on the Internet. It is called Caught in the Web and will be shown at 4.55pm on BBC1 on Tuesday 9th February and at 6.30pm on the CBBC Channel on the same day. It will then be repeated on the CBBC Channel at 5pm on Saturday 13th February, plus a longer version will also be shown at 11am on BBC2 on Thursday 11th February 2010. Click here to hear an audio clip of David Tennant from the show and here for the full BBC press release. Updated 4/2

The Guardian has a positive review of David Tennant and Catherine Tate's stint of The Jonathan Ross Radio Show last Saturday on Radio Two online here. More info about this can be found on David_Tennant on Twitter @Blogspot.com Updated 4/2

Some of the newspapers have articles about David Tennant at a charity Quiz Night for Centrepoint last night. Updated 3/2

TV Guide's Matt Roush talks about Rex Is Not Your Lawyer and about fast-tracking (or not fast-tracking) the series here. Updated 3/2

The Daily Mail says (and is surprised) that actor Trevor Eve earned more than David Tennant at the BBC. Updated 2/2

The 6th to 12th February issue of Radio Times (in shops now) has photos of David Tennant from the Covers Party. Click here for more info. Updated 2/2

Today The Guardian have an article about the David Hare play Murder in Samarkand which David Tennant recorded last week. It airs on Radio 4 on Saturday 20th February. Updated 1/2

Click here for a great review of the "David Tennant era of Doctor Who" in the Toronto Sun. Updated 1/2

January 2010
The Daily Mail mentions David Tennant and Catherine Tate hosting The Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2 yesterday in this article and say that Jonathan tweeted afterwards "Big thanks to David and Catherine for stepping in." (There is a slight error in the article as we knew on Thursday David would be hosting the show.) Updated 31/1

The Financial Times cites David Tennant as one of the reasons for British theatre's bumper year. Updated 27/1

Today David Tennant was part of the Performers' Alliance who met with some Members of Parliment. Click here for more details. Updated 27/1

David_Tennant on Twitter Click here for loads of photos and a video of David Tennant at the Radio Times Covers Party last night. Updated 27/1

Sections of both the US and UK press today have run articles that mention Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. Updated 27/1

CBBC today posted an article about The Hobbit / Bilbo Baggins RUMOURS and stated that both David Tennant and Hobbit producer Peter Jacksone will be at a Sci-Fi convention next week in America. However they may be confusing it with ComicCon which they both attended last July. Updated 26/1

Hello Magazine closed their poll for Most Attractive Man 2009 early (on 25/1) and David Tennant was placed in 4th place overall. Updated 26/1

The Daily Mirror today have the story about Rex Is Not Your Lawyer and include a David Tennant quote from a previous radio interview. Updated 26/1

Click here for articles in the British press today about David Tennant's pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. Updated 25/1

Ausiellofiles report that sets of David Tennant's pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer are "coming down this week." See here for more info. Updated 25/1

The Guardian has a brief videoclip of David Tennant from the National Television Awards last night saying ""I'm done on the aspirational roles!" Updated 21/1

xebgoc has posted loads more photos of David Tennant from the Observer Magazine photo shoot online here. Updated 21/1

Click here for a big round-up of David Tennant and Doctor Who press, photos and video from last night and today. Updated 21/1

The Herald newspaper (in Scotland) has a photo of David Tennant on the front page. Click here for a screencap of it for when it disappears from their website. Updated 21/1

Click here for photos of David Tennant at the National Television Awards from Getty. Updated 20/1
Click here for a round-up of the initial press reports about David Tennant and Dotor Who's NTA wins (with photos) tonight. Updated 20/1
The Press Association report on David Tennant and Doctor Who's wins tonight at the NTAs. Updated 20/1
Click here for more photos of David Tennant on the red carpet tonight. Updated 20/1
MTV have the news that David Tennant will not be in the Burke and Hare movie. Updated 20/1
David_Tennant on Twitter Sir Patrick Sewart made some nice comments about David Tennant about their time working together on Hamlet which were repeated on FilmReviewOnline.com from the PBS Day at the TCA last week. Updated 19/1
The Stage believe that David Tennant will win his award at the NTAs on Wednesday according to this item about television this week. Updated 18/1
Former Doctor Colin Baker discusses Doctor Who, David Tennant and Hustle in an interview with DigitalSpy. Updated 18/1
The Sunday Express has an article about David Tennant filming the scene on the golf course for Rex Is Not Your Lawyer today. This is about one month after they actually shot the scene! Updated 17/1
Click here for more photos of David Tennant from the Observer Magazine shoot. This is the website of the photographer, Ellis Parrinder. Updated 15/1

Click here to see David Tennant in the Official Gala Night video from Legally Blonde on Wednesday 13th January. Updated 15/1
The Daily Mail (probably the newspaper that likes David Tennant the least) has another dig at David Tennant (about the Christmas viewing figures this time). Meanwhile Metro has an article about David Tennant's life after Doctor Who and includes Burke and Hare although this has not been confimed. Updated 14/1
DigitalSpy reported that David Tennant won Total Sci-Fi's Best Actor Award in its recent online poll. Updated 14/1
WestEndWhingers has an unusual photo of David Tennant from the Gala Opening of Legally Blonde last night. Plus there is a (short) quote from him about the musical in the Evening Standard. Also Wooler.com has some better photos of David there. Updated 14/1
Rex Features have photos of David Tennant at the Legally Blonde Gala Opening last night in London. There were also the following comments posted on Twitter:
lauratkinson - "Things I have learnt tonight: Sheridan Smith is amazing, David Tennant is hotter than previously thought, Graham Norton likes small dogs."
lauratkinson - "Jusy been hanging outside the savoy theatre loos with David Tennant."
WestEndWhingers - "David Tennant standing by us. Think he's a bit shy of coming up to us. Bless"
ActionLamb - "Just asked David Tennant "where on Earth(or elsewhere in the galaxy) do you go after being the Dr" - answer "perhaps I should retire"!!!"
Metro newspaper also had a report (based on the article from the Press Association). Updated 14/1
David Tennant is attending the Gala Opening of Legally Blonde tonight in London. Click here to read the Press Association article about it. Updated 13/1
Gay Times choose their favourite photo of David Tennant from The Writer's Tale. Updated 12/1
Conservative Party leader David Cameron is asked about David Tennant's political comments. These are comments that David Tennant made during an interview back in October but have only just been published. Updated 12/1
Only two hours after the NBC Executive Session of the Television Critics Association Winter Tour and the main press reports of the event are on Televisionary, InsideBlip, AOL Inside TV, AccessHollywood, TVGuide, NPR and HitFix. Updated 10/1
Even the News section of the BBC are now repeating David Tennant's political comments. Updated 9/1
The Australian newspaper Courier Mail had an article about David Tennant today. It was basically the interview from the Observer newspaper from a few weeks ago but it did say that Hamlet will be aired by ABC in Australia later this year. Click here for scans by msjdarcy of LiveJournal. Updated 9/1

David Tennant's political comments in Doctor Who Magazine #417 have been picked up by both The Mirror and the Scottish Daily Record. Updated 9/1
hamsterfur on Live Journal has posted scans of the David Tennant articles in Doctor Who Magazine #417 online here. Updated 8/1
It was a day of mixed fortunes for David Tennant yesterday in the Hello Magazine vote. Click here for more info and the voting link. Updated 8/1
Actor Paterson Joseph said in an interview today in the Coventry Telegraph about David Tennant before he took the role in Doctor Who "David's career had reached that point where it was about to really take off anyway. If he hadn't done Doctor Who they would have given him a detective series or something." Updated 7/1
Click here for an update on the Hello Magazine vote. David Tennant is currently in third place this morning. Updated 7/1
The cover of Doctor Who Magazine #417 (published tomorrow) has been revealed. It has Matt Smith on the cover with a David Tennant article inside about the Doctor's final line. Updated 6/1
David Tennant is the final of the annual Hello Magazine vote. Click here for more information. Updated 6/1
The Media section of the Guardian have an article about The End Of Time Part Two ratings. Updated 4/1
Yesterday the Prime Minister Gordon Brown mentioned David Tennant in his article in The Observer. Updated 4/1
The Daily Mail has two David Tennant related items today. The whole story of The End Of Time Part Two is available here in spoiler photos and plus Jane Moir makes caustic comments about David Tennant (with inaccuracies). Updated 2/1
As well as the David Tennant interview shown on the 5.40pm BBC news, there was an item on the Doctor Who episode on the BBC news at 10.30pm last night too. Click here to see the video but be warned that it contains spoilers for US fans. Updated 2/1
An article in The Sun says that millions of kettles were switched on after Doctor Who finished last night. (Typically that's the traditional response of the British after a popular TV show!) The article has a spoiler for fans in the US (the episode is screened there tonight). Updated 2/1
Apparently part of Lizo Mzimba's interview with David Tennant will be shown on the BBC1 5.40pm news tonight. Updated 1/1
Click here for David Tennant's final interview before leaving Doctor Who. He also finally reveals the contents of the envelope that Matt Smith mentioned a year ago! Updated 1/1
The Sun predicts 12m viewers for David Tennant's final Doctor Who episode tonight. Updated 1/1

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