David Tennant in How Roald Dahl Shaped British Pop

Monday 22nd November 2010

David Tennant in How Roald Dahl Shaped British Pop - 22/11/10

On on Monday 22nd November at 10pm on BBC Radio 2 David Tennant presented 'How Roald Dahl Shaped British Pop'.

The BBC press release for the programme read:

""How Roald Dahl Shaped British Pop
Monday 22 November
10.00-11.00pm BBC RADIO 2

On the 20th anniversary of Roald Dahl's death, David Tennant tells a new tale of the unexpected the stamp he has left on the world of pop.

Kate Nash reveals how Dahl's fantastical children's books have influenced her own storytelling style, stirring her to invent surreal characters and magical places in songs like Mariella and Little Red.

Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics explains how he found inspiration for songs, such as I Stopped To Fill My Car Up, in Dahl's grisly, suspenseful short stories.

Plus, David reveals how a song about Willy Wonka The Candy Man gave Rat Pack legend Sammy Davis Jr his only US No. 1.

Presenter/David Tennant, Producer/Chris Walsh-Heron"

Click here to listen to the programme.

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