David Tennant on Fearne Cotton Show on Radio One

Friday 13th November 2009

David Tennant on Radio One David Tennant on Radio One

On Friday 13th November David Tennant was on the Fearne Cotton Show on Radio One for about half an hour from 10.30am.

Below are the clips of David's interview.

Start time of clip
Clip length
Topics discussed
10.39am 4 mins 24 secs Waters Of Mars / Never Mind The Buzzcocks Click here
10.47am 4 mins 16 secs Filming the last Doctor Who scene / Rex Is Not Your Lawyer / Music Generator Click here
10.55am 8 mins 27 secs "I was quite transformed by that!" / St Trinian's 2 / Electric toothbrush / Are you all work and no play? / What's your favourite food? / What part would you have liked to have played? / What's your favourite cake? / Are you playing The Riddler in Batman 3? / If you were a sweet what type would you like to be? / What will you miss most about working in Wales? / Album package Click here

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